thank you... and good bye by DragonJuno

thank you... and good bye


25 November 2013 at 18:28:27 MST

(listening to this while reading the info below may make it more emotive :) : )

<i> "Vyse knew what it has to be done, what only he could do. He turned back to see one last time at those that have been with him since the beggining of his journey, knowing that he probably won`t see them again, he tried his best to force smile, not wanting the last memory of him to be a gloomy face, but not even him was strong enough to hold inside the tears that started to roll down his cheek"

when i chosed this path, it was my intention to walk it alone, but from the beginning all of you decided to abandon your own paths to join mine, and since then you always been on my side. in my worst moments you all always found a way to make me smile. though fate chosed it to end this way, i feel blessed because i was able to have such wonderful friends and meet so many great people. And for that, all i can say is: Thank you... goodbye... </i>

screenshot time and first time i make a screenshot of Vyse original furdragon body. This is an scene from the climax of my light novel starring Vyse. He thinks he will die in whats coming, so he turns to say those words. but destiny has a happier fate reserved for him.

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