Teasing Kyrehx by Dragonien

Teasing Kyrehx

Teasing Kyrehx
By: Dragonien

The carpet was mercifully soft as he tumbled down in a sprawled-out heap on the floor. Carpet fibers as thick as pool noodles barely even gave under his minuscule weight and it was a noteworthy struggle balancing enough to get up to his feet atop them. He shouldn't have bothered, at least not yet. The little man had barely gotten to his feet before he was knocked back onto his ass by a booming impact that literally shook the ground underneath him. He could actually feel the gust of wind created by the displaced air a few yards away where the object had landed. Another one slammed down with similar force to his opposite side and would have knocked him down again had he even bothered trying to get up again. Only once he heard a loud groan of metal springs creaking, wood groaning and fabric squashing together die out did he finally risk trying to stand back up once more. Then, he turned his gaze skyward.

He should have been used to the view by now, he had lost track of how long he had been seeing it every single day. The sight of the massive couch towering over him like the front of some massive office building. Though it wasn't the building sized piece of furniture that always made him freeze and stare in awe so much as the monstrous beast sitting atop it. Humanoid, but clearly anything but human, the dragon stared down at him from over the bridge of his elongated snout. Eyes with slitted pupils like shards of obsidian surrounded by sapphire watched him with the keen observance of a predator. His legs, each one thicker than any tree he had ever seen or heard of stretched out to either side of his view. The end of each leg was adorned with a massive red-fleshed foot that, like the dragon they belonged too, mingled human and inhuman features. The somewhat elongated and irregular rectangular shape of a human's foot but ending in three large toes each tipped with a sharp hooked claw rather than five varying-sized toes with regular toenails. The razor sharp claws were intimidating enough on their own, but when the person viewing them wasn't even as tall as the ankle the foot was attached too it was taken to a whole other level.

Like every other day the little human got no warning, no signal or declaration of intent to what was coming next. Just like before he had been unceremoniously snatched up from the hamster cage he called home and carried into the living room by his draconic captor and dropped on the floor without a word. His view of the dragon staring down at him from overhead was obscured as one of the massive red feet lifted up off the ground and raised to hover directly over him. THOOM. The impact again shook the floor under the little human with enough force that it would have set off car alarms for blocks if there had been any cars around of a comparable size to him. He was knocked flat onto his back and pressed hard into the carpeting beneath him while the hot, malleable flesh of the dragon's sole squished and conformed around his body. He had no idea if the dragon was simply unnaturally careful and cognizant of just what parts of his foot were soft enough and had enough give not to crush him outright when he did this, or if he had somehow gained some kind of unnatural physical endurance. All the little human knew was that as rough and aggressive as the dragon got with him, and boy did he like to play rough at times, he never seemed to get and kind of serious injury. The little human would have laughed if he had the breath to spare when he realized he was ruminating on the 'care' and 'gentleness' the dragon must take great pains to use in dealing with him to ensure he hadn't simply popped like a grape the first time the dragon stepped on him. But, as he was used too, while the pressure on him wasn't enough to break bones or squash him outright it was more than sufficient to compress his rib cage and make getting even a fleeting breath to fill his compressing lungs a life or death struggle. Just when the specks of light flickered through his vision in a sign he was getting ready to pass out, the wall of flesh on top of him started to roll its way backwards and moments later his head popped free into the cool, bright freedom of the living room air.

His lungs expanded painfully in his chest as his mouth opened to greedily suck in air. Though the foot had pulled back enough that his head was free the balls of the massive foot were still pressing down on his chest and restricting it from expanding fully. It was only when he had been able to suck in three mostly full breaths of air that he had regained his senses enough to recognize where his head was sticking out from. Just in time for two of the dragon's massive red toes to clench around his head and once more smother the little human in darkness. The webbed flesh nestled into the apex of the dragon's toe-crotch was far more malleable than even the underside of his arch and easily squashed and conformed around the shape of his head. It gave the little human more room to squirm and move his head around but ultimately kept it from being able to free itself. Worse still, even though the artificial scent of soaps was still strong enough that the human knew the dragon must have just bathed within the last hour or so, there was still the residual natural musk of the dragon's foot that was strong enough to make him dizzy. It wasn't harsh or pungent thanks to the dragon's good-hygienic habits but at this drastic size difference it didn't have to be. He felt his head spinning and dizziness overtaking him more from the potency of the dragon's dominating scent rather than from lack of air this time and he barely even noticed when the toes unclenched and freed his head once more.

He knew this was a training method the dragon used on many of his playthings. Bathing them in his scent for minutes, hours, even days at a time until the victim was so musk drunk on the dragon's scent they could do nothing else but obey his every whim as if they had become addicted to him. He supposed he should count himself lucky. while he wasn't the largest or the best cared for of the dragon's tiny playthings, he had seen some of the smaller and more... roughly treated toys where they were kept in the smaller sections of the dragon's basement toy town. Some of the dragon's other playthings were so tiny even he towered over them like some kind of living god. Minuscule little specks that were lucky to measure their height in centimeters if even that much that the human didn't even know how the dragon kept track of much less how he played with them.  He had been given his own training, though the dragon had seemed content to leave him with most of his mental faculties instead of breaking him mentally like some of the others. Rather than turning him into an obedient toy, he had simply demonstrated what happened to his playthings that disobeyed and tried to escape. The dragon had once left the front door open and purposefully left the cage next to his open so the anthropomorphic tiger that had been kept inside could run free. Before he had even gotten to the door a blast of green light had emanated from the all too familiar shrink ray the dragon kept around as he stepped around the corner he had been hiding behind. The tiger had shrank so much and so quickly he had simply disappeared from sight into the carpet fibers. As if to finalize the demonstration the dragon had walked over and casually ground the end of his foot into the place that the tiger had last been seen like you would to snuff out a cigarette. He never found out what actually happened to the tiger. Either it had simply been crushed and dug into the carpet so thoroughly he had never been able to spot the stain, or shrank so tiny that, while avoiding being crushed by the dragon's foot, he never would be seen again.

It had been sufficient enough a lesson to earn his obedience.

Again he found himself drifting off in distracted thoughts only to be pulled back to his surroundings by the dragon's movements. The two enormous digits again squeezed around his head, this time starting to gyrate and roll his head back and forth like little more than a marble caught between them. When that stopped the toes again released his head and he let out an explosive gasp of breath before sucking in more air to replace it. It was almost infuriating how careful and rough the dragon seemed to be able to be at the same time. Overwhelming him utterly yet still never causing any real harm. Some dark part of him almost wished to challenge the dragon to finally crush him and be done with it just to see if he could or not. Though, he had seen the dragon do so with absolutely no hesitation or provocation to others and the lion's share of his thoughts kept that dark part from getting any say in the matter.

When the dragon spoke it was always a bit of an odd experience. The dragon always sounded like some kind of impossibly powerful near-divine being with the way his words thundered through the air. The seemingly normal clothes, usually a T shirt and jeans identical to something he might wear if he weren't the size of a doll gave him an almost normal appearance that conflicted sharply with his massive size. Though there was a distinctly inhuman growling undertone to his words like some kind of accent, he still had to bet the majority of the inhuman power of the dragon's voice simply came from the size difference. If they had been the same size he might not even be able to tell by voice alone the dragon wasn't just another human. But their sizes were different, and the dragon's voice was distinctly inhuman. Speaking in tones that actually rattled the tabletop his cage sat on when he was close enough. With the flippant and distracted mood the dragon seemed to be in today he didn't expect much word play and, as predicted there was only one word that came from the dragon's muzzle. Though, to the little human it might as well have been a commandment from god rather than a spoken word.


He felt a bit ashamed that his tongue had already left his mouth before the word had even registered, some part of his mind still laughably self-conscious that the dragon might have noticed he started licking before actually finishing the command. There was so much flesh, so much ground to cover that he didn't even bother trying to be methodical with where he licked. The dragon's toes were about as clean as they were going to get and he knew as well as the dragon did that this order had absolutely nothing to do with hygiene. It was about dominance. Showing the little human where his place was in the world now. The dragon was the one sitting on the massive throne, even if it was just a sofa, while he was the one literally underfoot, kissing and licking at his foot like... well, he didn't even know what it was like. A pet still had some semblance of a relationship with its master, and a worshipper was rewarded for their service. Yet, just like every other time his mind drifted while his body worked to fulfil its duty to his owner, he wandered on the correct term all too quickly. Toy.

A toy does only what you want it too, exactly what you want it too. Existing for nothing more than your amusement and entertainment or do be discarded once it could no longer serve its purpose. He was a toy now, and he had in some perverse way come to terms with that. It was better than slipping into the madness of some of the others that genuinely seemed to see the dragon as some divine entity and definitely better than the toys that still held defiance and resistance to the dragon's whims. Those ones almost always got the roughest treatment, and were often the dragon's favorite playthings when he was feeling... frisky. The dragon clearly got some kind of perverse joy in putting the defiant ones in their place. But he was smart enough to know his place. Not a worshipper, not a victim. Just a toy. The dragon's little foot toy.

Both he and the dragon were abruptly jerked from their trances, the dragon in one of happy contentment and the human in one of mindless obedience, by a loud ringing sound that seemed to thunder through the air to the little human. He recognized it as the dragon's cell phone going off, and thought he even recognized the ring tone. One that he was pretty sure the dragon always got excited to hear. That excitement led to the dragon abruptly jumping to his feet when he realized the phone must still be in his bedroom. Unfortunately, in his distraction at hearing the familiar ringtone, the dragon had momentarily forgotten about his favorite little foot-toy that he had currently been playing with. Even as he realized his mistake his weight was already settling on his feet and the momentary silence between rings of the phone was filled with a sharp but faint cracking sound coming from under his foot. When the dragon looked down he saw no movement, but felt something wet underneath his foot. His eyes narrowed and he let out an annoyed snort of air from his nostrils.

"Fuck. I liked that one."

Teasing Kyrehx


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Sometimes you just want to come home, flop back on the couch and relax. And sometimes you're the person reduced to the size of a toy that a dragon uses to relax when they come home. The only problem is when they get distracted or forgetful while you're down there helping them relax...

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