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[Inktober 2020] Day 30 - Ominous by Dragonhuntx

[Inktober 2020] Day 30 - Ominous


30 October 2020 at 07:10:38 MDT

"Looks like a storm's coming..." Dragonhuntx frowned.
Jai'alator let out a low, disapproving growl as the dark clouds encroach the skies.
"Mmm... you're right. This doesn't seem like any normal storm. Something doesn't feel right."

Shadowlands is approaching, and I'm kind of excited for the new expansion to come out!
Scene is based from a view in a part of Boralus.
Character: Dragonhuntx - Jubei'thos @ World of Warcraft
Art: Dragonhuntx