[Charathon] Warm-up Doodle by Dragonhuntx

[Charathon] Warm-up Doodle


2 December 2017 at 19:19:42 MST

Expect a train of submissions in the future when you see [Charathon] in the title!
So! i joined a lovely group on Discord called Charathon.

"A Charathon (Character marathon) is an event livestreamed in which we choose a random OC (original character) and have anyone willing to participate draw/pixel/whatever that character!

  • The format is typically three rounds, a showcase after each round, and intermissions between
  • Rounds are an hour long and intermissions are 30 minutes long; showcases are however long they need to be to get through all the submissions
  • Each round is one character chosen from a pool of suggestions from the Charathon community "

So, this was my first time staying awake to join the stream and take part, because it starts 6am my time. Before then, I was in adrenaline mode being nervous and pumped and did this quick doodle before it started! Can see it in my beady eyes O uO
I had a swell time drawing and seeing everyone else's submissions as well! There's people who have done traditional art and even quick animations! It's amazing to see how much people can accomplish and put so many details in just an hour. It's crazy. all I could really do is try my best to get good lines and hastily color it. It just ends up in bust shots, haha.
I hope you guys will enjoy these submissions in the future. Pumping more art this way, and it makes me happy.

Art/Character: Dragonhuntx

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