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cute deer auction! (CLOSED) by dragonfruitii

cute deer auction! (CLOSED)


8 January 2017 at 17:34:58 MST

hey everyone! so if you've been following me since the summer you might have seen this cute deer earlier, and i said that i was gonna try to make a suit of them and then sell them along with the suit. but! i'm probably not going to be able to make a suit any time soon and i'm trying to raise money to buy a bigger desk so i'm not working with my large laptop and large cintiq in a tiny little workspace. but! now i'm putting them up for auction, and you, the buyer, will be able to choose their likes and dislikes! i hope they go to a good home, i've honestly grown a bit attached to them. they can be any gender, and if you do want a suit made of them, i'll make one for cheap (a partial for around $200-$400) because honestly deer suits are the cutest. anyways! on to the auction itself!


SB: $10
MB: $5
AB: $175

bought by BrinntheFawn @ FA

** note: if a bid of $75 is reached, i will make a tail to go with them and send them to the buyer. if AB is reached, I will make a tail and handpaws (handhooves?) to go with them and send them to the buyer. i will pay for shipping myself ^^ **

(if you make a bid but then decide to back out, please note me telling me why. it's a bit rude to back out of a bid after you've already made it)
i wish you all luck~!! :D

chibi base © waitress @ FA
all other art © me, dragonfruitii