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genderfluid| 15 | any pronouns are fine | demisexual

hi i"m dragonfruit, and i have a severe meme addiction. send help
sorry if i don't post very often, sometimes i'll finish a piece and then forget to post it until a few months later

commissions are currently closed. make sure to look for a journal in the future announcing open commissions, though!

i hope you're having a wonderful day!


Fur Affinity



1) Cell-Shaded
$ 10.00
2) Soft-Shaded
$ 12.00
3) Painted
$ 14.00


1) Sketch (optional colored/shaded)
from $ 5.00
to $ 10.00
2) Flat Colored
$ 12.00
3) Cell-Shaded
$ 14.00
4) Soft-Shaded
$ 16.00
5) Painted
$ 20.00

Ref Sheet

1) Basic- Front, Back, & Colors
$ 15.00
2) More Detailed- Front, Back, Optional Sides, Closeups, & Colors
from $ 18.00
to $ 20.00
3) Detailed- Front, Back, Sides, Closeups, Outfits, Likes/Dislikes, & Colors
from $ 22.00
to $ 28.00

Shoulders-Up Bust

1) Sketch (optional colored/shaded)
from $ 4.00
to $ 8.00
2) Flat Colored
$ 8.00
3) Cell-Shaded
$ 10.00
4) Soft-Shaded
$ 12.00
5) Painted
$ 14.00


1) Anything sexually nsfw is 20% extra. Blood & gore, however, is $0 extra.

2) Please be aware that I will probably do a bit of personal work here and there between commissions.

3) If you buy a commish, pay half up front and the rest once you get the piece. This ensures that you get the art, and I don't get scammed. Win-win!

4) Each additional char will cost 1/4 of the original price. So, for example, if the base price is $10, each additional char would be $2.50.

5) If I've already finished the commish and you ask for a refund, I can only refund you partway, and only with valid reason. You did pay for that art, after all.

6) However, if you want a refund before I've started on it, you can get the full price refund.

7) Just a warning, I don't have very much practice drawing birds and insects, so if you ask for something with a bird or insect char, it may take a bit more time, as I'm gonna try to get them as anatomically accurate as possible. (And also, I'm probably gonna do a lot of practice sketches of the char to get a feel for them.)

8) If I fall horribly ill for whatever reason, I will stop all commission work until I'm recovered enough to work again. So, if i'm in bed with pneumonia and strep at the same time (which is unlikely but for the sake of an example let's pretend), I'll post a journal announcing the halt. And if that happens, please don't be in my inbox asking if your art is done yet.


  • If you commission more than $40 from me, I'll throw in a cell-shaded headshot for free.
  • I will give you a 20% discount on any pastel goth, candy gore, or horror chars. They're super fun to draw!
  • I absolutely love drawing cats, so any feline character gets a 15% discount.

I think I've covered everything. If you have any questions, note me! I'll be happy to answer them.
I hope you're having a lovely day! :D



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    Hey, your art is really awesome! c:

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      Thank you so much! That really means a ton to me >//u//<

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        You're welcome! If you ever open up art trades, I'm interested in one! ;v;

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          whoa really? maybe some time in the future, then! :D i tend to get super sidetracked when i'm doing art trades and then not finish them for a REALLY long time, though, so that's why they're closed right now hehe

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            No worries, it takes me forever to get stuff done but it gets there!

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    Your welcome :)

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    Hello! Welcome to Weasyl