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PokémonSheet [Commission / Wip & Alcohol Markers] - Final sketch by Dragon-Firy

PokémonSheet [Commission / Wip & Alcohol Markers] - Final sketch


5 September 2017 at 07:00:35 MDT

After a while, we decided how many pokémon will be in there. Can you guess them all? :p
I the end there will be only Guzma and N.

Who's your favourite?

Will upload a decent scan of this once completely finished. Meantime, enjoy!

First post
Small commish for a friend irl :)
He asked me to fill an entire sheet of paper with some of his favourite characters and Pokémon from the game. It started by this, a single Mimikyu :) then it evolved in an entire sheet. Thank you so much for the opportunity to test my skills ♥