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Hurt + Happier doodle by Dragon-Firy

Hurt + Happier doodle


Good and bad things happens.

"IT HURTS! MY EAR HURTS SO MUCH! I wanted to protect you... I just wanted to... Protect you.. It hurts, it hurts so much... Why did this happen? Why..?.." Four years passed. And you still call me "parasite". It fucking hurts. Being nice and supportive to you hurts. Caring about you hurts. Hearing from you that I'm useless hurts.

But I know... Violence won't be an answer to this.
And I'm not like you.
Never let your guard down.

Vent. It happens from time to time.. It hurts, too.

At least, the second one is a happier doodle. I made this for a really special someone. I think... I'm losing my mind a bit for him. :S Never felt like this before...

When he's around I feel like butter. Or putty. I can't speech properly. >//< sigh

But man, I'm happy... For the first time in my life, I'm trying to stay and think... in a more realistic way, if not in a positive way. Which means a LOT to me.