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Mr. Francis 'Otto' Vienna by Dragon-Firy

Mr. Francis 'Otto' Vienna


19 May 2017 at 08:08:31 MDT

Whohooo!! WHOHOOOO!

I'm so EXCITED :D ... For what? well... It's a long long story. :3

"Care to explain a bit more, Pearl?"

I had this project in mind for a "few years" - About.. 8 - 9 years ago. They're a few, right? :°D

In the beginning, I simply wanted to write an illustrated book for children - you know, cute characters learning things about nature, biodiversity and similar stuff. Then, something else "sneaked" into my mind.. Something more 'mature': I wanted to share an experience with self esteem.
I'm a person with many issues and a very low eelf esteem. I'm scared to talk to people, I fear that they won't trust me, I changed and "molded" myself to please other friends that stabbed me in the back. Some of you can relate with these experiences, right? Something similar, maybe.
This would be a travel to discover yourself based on my own experience in these years. It will not cover everything, but some keypoints I'd like to focus on.

I think this will be a good idea to begin with. I've written the main background, the characters bio, almost everything... Still, it's not done yet. I have to develop each character, giving them a personality, a trait, making them unique and "alive".

It will be a long, long work.. But I'm determined. :3

So, say welcome to Mr. Francis 'Otto' Vienna! :D

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