Sheera and Auzi Rushes Ms.DragonFan to a Dragon Hospital by dragonfan

It was the year 3304 AD where you find Sheera the herm space dragoness along with her friend Auzi who was with her to keep the ship at a good speed that everything went smoothly til a spaceship carrying only 1 dragon was flown past them and crash landed on Mars that Auzi asks

"who was that dragon in that spaceship." Sheera wasn't sure on who it was that she decided to investigate to land on Mars where it crashed.once the duo found the spaceship to find the girl was still in it that Sheera took the seatbelt off while carrying the girl to place her in the backseat of her own the duo made it back to the big city on Mars where they went to a dragon hospital.

As the duo arrived at a Dragon Hospital on Mars where they rushed to get the unconsicious girl onto a stretcher while escorting her to the emergency room.soon they found that Ms.DragonFan had a minor heart attack that they began doing tests on her that 1 of her doctors who was named Dr.Lagorra who said

"thank you both for saving her." Sheera responded
"it's no problem at all because me and Auzi was just exploring til that happened and we found her on Mars." as Dr.Lagorra took notes that Auzi asks "where are her parents if you don't mind me asking Dr.Lagorra because i don't know if her parents are deceased or what." she went to her office bringing the 2 while looking up info on Ms.DragonFan that she found her parents Abner and Sapphira was alive but had moved off of Dragon Earth and moved someplace private.Auzi suggested that they talk to Abner and Sapphira while in the dragon hospital that they setup a video chat on some messenger that Dr.Lagorra used for video chatting.

meanwhile over in Mars City where you find Abner and Sapphira resting in their bed til they heard a sound that it was coming from their computer that Sapphira rushed to accept the video call to say

"hello Dr.Lagorra and it sure is good to hear from you." she responded
"sorry to awaken you Sapphira and do you remember when the last time you saw your daughter Ms.DragonFan as these 2 girls might want to talk to you." Sapphira agreed to talk with Sheera and Auzi where she said "Abner my love can you come over here we got a situation here." once he woke up to slowly walk over to the video chat to sit down to say "i heard you found my daughter where is she now." Dr.Lagorra explains that Sheera the Space Dragoness and her fighter friend Auzi the shark found Ms.DragonFan outside of Mars City but she had a minor heart attack.Sapphira says

"i wasn't for sure what my daughter was doing but i know she told me that she was doing some missions over on Dragon Earth to help with other nations on the planet." Auzi tells Sapphira that she and her friend was mostly exploring til they got a gold alert from the government in Mars City that Ms.DragonFan may have been reported as missing til Abner says

"i do thank you both for saving my daughter and how is she progressing right now." soon Dr.Lagorra came into the room to say "she is doing quite well just resting in a hospital room as we can setup a video chat so you 2 can talk to your child." Abner and Sapphira agreed where the laptop was taken to the room where they entered into Ms.DragonFan's hospital room to be greeted by the heroes who saved her from certain Dr.Lagorra setup a video chat with Abner and Sapphira to let them talk to their daughter seeing Ms.DragonFan opening her eyes to say

"oh hello Dr.Lagorra." she tells her that her parents wanted to talk that Auzi and Sheera sits down on a chair for support from rescuing Ms.DragonFan to hear Sapphira says

"thank goodness you're alive my child and what was you doing in Outer Space." Ms.DragonFan responded to say "i was on a mission to report to some Nation on Dragon Earth as i was heading over there which i forgot to accidently fuel up and my ship crashed on Mars." Abner was glad to hear his child to say

"sweetheart i understand that you did tell me and your mom before you left Mars City but where is your spaceship now." she tells her father that it was being sent to a spaceship repair shop in Mars City and being refueled up.Sapphira was very relieved to see her own daughter awake that she said

"please be more careful when you go outside of Mars City as i do worry about you a lot." Ms.DragonFan was feeling relaxed that her call with her parents had ended that's when her phone rang in her pouch that she couldn't budge to reach it seeing Auzi went into Ms.DragonFan's pouch to answer it to say

"hello who's this." the voice said
"this is the UN Ambassador from Dragon Earth as i saw your heroic deeds and where is Ms.DragonFan at this time." Auzi tells the Ambassador that Ms.DragonFan is resting due to her unexpected crash on Mars and had fallen asleep.he cleared his throat over the phone to say

"i do appreciate you and Sheera helping my Ambassador to safety as i was kind of wondering on how long she will be out for while Ms.DragonFan is being cared for the time being in the Dragon Hospital." she handed the phone over to Dr.Lagorra who said

"i am not for sure sir just she was injured pretty bad when her spaceship crashed." after a long talk with the UN Dragon Ambassador who applauded Sheera and Auzi for rescuing Ms.DragonFan and hope she heals soon.

several days to a week later after Ms.DragonFan was released from the hospital to be escorted to a new home on Mars City to be living with Sheera and Auzi that's when a staff worker showed up to say

"are you 2 the ones who will be caring for Ms.DragonFan the Northern Dragoness for the time being." Sheera says "yes we will be caring for her right Auzi." she nodded that the staff worker said

"seeing that you 2 are working together that Ms.DragonFan be watched at all times but she may go on a walk as long as she is safely escorted by you 2." soon the aging Northern Dragoness was guided by Auzi to her new bed where she climbed in and laid down on it seeing Sheera tuck in the girl while sitting down on the bed to say "i am glad you survived that horrible spaceship crash and had me and Auzi not found you that you would have passed away." Ms.DragonFan tells her caregivers to come closer seeing her say "you 2 are good friends and i must say that you have made an old Northern Dragoness happy." as she kissed Sheera and Auzi on their cheek softly seeing the 2 blush from the kiss.

Soon Ms.DragonFan had fallen asleep in her warm bed in the nursing home where Auzi puts on some TV show while keeping volume low.Sheera says "i wish we could stay with Ms.DragonFan as i'd be scared if she had passed away on us." Auzi says "well she did have a very long life and luckily she has us to help care for her same for feeding her food." seeing Auzi and Sheera cuddle Ms.DragonFan more seeing her snooze peacefully while with her 2 friends.

Sheera and Auzi Rushes Ms.DragonFan to a Dragon Hospital


5 August 2018 at 23:16:03 MDT

this is my first post of a gift story for Sheera and Auzi as there isn't much to talk about this.

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