In the summer sun ~ Art By RUdragon by Dracostar

In the summer sun ~ Art By RUdragon


28 January 2014 at 05:20:31 MST

So I saw today that RUdragon was doing a pizza stream and I thought why the hell not lets jump in and see how this goes ^_^.

Something clean for once \o0o/ ~

So I did and after asking a few questions about the price (and after loving his/her work for its adorable style) I jumped on board! I honestly cannot explain how cute this image is to me.

And just how much my heart jumps at the subtle and cute playful/affection that is shown in it. Looky at arthien arthien being the playful wuff that he is ^_^, and me being the loving boyfriend and petting his cute head <3

Art Copyright: RUdragon
Characters Copyright: Arthien Dracostar