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summer 2021 collection 1 jose jetski by Draco Rex

summer 2021 collection 1 jose jetski

Draco Rex

4 September 2021 at 11:45:05 MDT

this is not a sequence, more of a collection

as always, you can see more bonus renders, and all renders/art/what i make by becoming a pateron of mine. click on this link to see the rest of the alt renders of jose and jay

here we see Jose enjoying jetting along on his jetski while Jay reinacts titanic on the bow of a sail ship


bystander owls - character by draco rex - model by draco rexsquirrellyjay: character by

jetski by cm21 - texture edits by draco rex

jose- character by jose - model by draco rex

sailboat - from mario kart 8 - model by nintendo - ripped by Centrixe - model edits by draco rex

squirrellyjay - model by draco rex

toad harbor backdrop - from mario kart 8- model by nintendo - ripped by
Convour - model edits by draco rex

I learned some new tricks with this, like how to make a better water normal map, and that water works better with a normal map and a material, rather than a dedicated texture, though at a distance, the normal map kind of looses it's effectivity

tomorrow i hope you get some cardio in

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