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Macro Muscle May poke drive 2021_4 by Draco Rex

Macro Muscle May poke drive 2021_4

Draco Rex

16 May 2021 at 23:11:48 MDT

it is MACRO MUSCLE MAY! you cannot change my mind.

And so three out of four of our pokemons have dynamaxed once. Remember, you can dynamax them 3 times a turn!

Looks like solgaleo has let loose a little of his divine power and swelled right up! Bui is now trapped under paw as the big lion of light takes the doggy back. Matt is just getting more and more annoyed at these turn of events. Meanwhile, Luster is admiring his new muscles after dynamaxing, and Kobe has buffed up so much that he doesn't know what to do, and his shirt has torn.

also, for scale, there's a 6ft chestnaught... somewhere.

Note, if you look in the background, you'll see the stadium, (rebuilt via nanite tech,) is sporting some banners to last year's winner, corvo the corvoknight.

to donate, go to this link! be sure to say in the note who the donation is going towards.

Now for the rules:

The rules are nearly the same as last year, only instead of getting rounder, these mons will only get buffer. Warning though, each dynamax will make them buffer till they hit the third tier. If they max up, they can't dynamax till they get a massage break for one round.

here are the growth amounts!

Solgaleo = current height = 605 ft
$1 = 16 ft inch | $5 = 96 ft | $20 = 480ft

Roco the Buizel: Current height, 157 ft 2 inches
$1 = 4ft | $5 = 24 ft | $20 = 120 ft

Luster the Lucario: Current height, 132 ft 9 inches
$1 = 4ft | $5 = 24 ft | $20 = 120 ft

Kobe the cobalion: current height, 23ft, 6 inches
$1 = 1ft, 3 inches" | $5 = 7ft 6 inches | $20 = 37 ft 6 inches

Matt = current height = 24 ft (STILL NERFed)
$1 = 8 inches | $5 = 4ft | $20 = 20ft

again, donate here, with a message for who the money is going to here

next part will be coming in two or three days
Matt: creature by nintendo, character by matpika, model by :iconbpanthress:
Sogaleo: creature by nintendo, character by Draco-rex, model by :icondigitalfurbelow:
Roco: creature by nintendo, character by Geodani, model by :iconbpanthress:, model edits by :icondraco-rex:
Geniecario: creature by nintendo, character by illogical ferret, model by :icondigitalfurbelow:
Kobe Cobalion: creature by nintendo, character by draco-rex, model by konami/nintendo, model mash up by :icondraco-rex:
Chestnaught= nintendo

bonus images coming soon. Some will be pateron only

to see all bonus pics, join my patreon and take a peak here

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