Winter 2020 fat and growth drive 12 by Draco Rex

Winter 2020 fat and growth drive 12

Draco Rex

12 January 2021 at 20:31:51 MST

why does it still say 2020? because that's when I started it!

Oh hey, it's everyone's favorite fire dog, MATT! crashing the party to deliver the deserts since bolide is digesting. Seems Matt couldn't help himself and made the cakes look just like him! I assure you, the "mini" matt is 100% eat me chocolate cake. Eat me? you know what thaaaat means! Now every fat point will grow the growers by 5ft! No stopping them now!

Also, the guy who figured out which bolide was the real one said to give the bonus size to Rukario. I talked to Rukario about it, and mentioned that if he wanted, he could give half to Centari given how he's falling behind. Rukario, being a great guy, gladly gave over half. I bet he's regretting that now as Centari desperately tries to beat him to the sweet, sweet cake!

It's time for our next drive! this time it's more of a fat, then a growth drive! Our contestants are RUKARIO THE LUXRAY:iconRuKato:, CENTARI PLANT:iconplant-lady:, SAPPHIRE JACK:iconSapphireAMoerlevad:, and BORUSA KOBOLD :iconBorusa-Ryalam:

Note, borusa and saph both got buffer from om noming, but centari and rukario barely ate anything so they didn't get any buffer/fatter.

The way this drive works is that each contestant ears fat points for the money you donate to them. The more points they get, the fatter and fuller they become! Once they reach or pass 300 fat points, they are super stuffed and stunned for one round. They then digest that food, and come back the next round about 20% larger and slimmed down to roughly 10 or 20 fat points. Then the cycle begins again.

There will be no multipliers this time, or bonuses to grow them. Only food rules this drive.

to donate, go here and send a note with the donation to let me know who you're feeding. Now, the fun part. no mater how big they get, it will always be the same price for fat, and same rate of growth! yes! (hopefully this will keep anyone from falling too far behind.
let's see who gets the biggest by the end of this 12 course meal!

current sizes and fatness are

Sapphire jack: 74.85ft, 29/300 fat points 1$ = 2 fat point, 5$ = 12 fat points
20$ = 50 fat points 40$ = 120 fat points

Borusa Kobold: 68.4 ft 29/300 fat points 1$ = 2 fat point, 5$ = 12 fat points
20$ = 50 fat points 40$ = 120 fat points

Centari Kaalar: 51.3ft tall, 33/300 fat points 1$ = 2 fat point, 5$ = 12 fat points
20$ = 50 fat points 40$ = 120 fat points

Rukario Ray : 51.3ft tall, 75/300 fat points 1$ = 2 fat point, 5$ = 12 fat points
20$ = 50 fat points 40$ = 120 fat points

again, send the cash to with a note as to who you want to grow

we are nearing the end! part 12 coming either sunday or monday!

now for model credits

Background: all me
Rukario luxray: character belongs to Rukario, model by Digtalfurbellow
Centari: character belongs to Centari, model by ME.
Sapphire: character belongs to Sapphire Jack, model by Bpanthress, edits and clothes by me
Borusa: character belongs to borusa, model by digital furbelow
MATT: character belongs to UtopiaRayZexal, model by bpanthress

Now, let's dig in!

we will see how big and FAT these mad lads got either Thursday, Friday, or whenever i can make a new background if they get too big XD