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Error Code #808 by Draconicus_Nick

Error Code #808


(Originally Uploaded Feb 25 2023)

I bet everyone thought I did a runner again. No, its just been an annoying and stressful february, like every year for me. Got more coming soon, but most of my effort this month has gone into a single picture. This picture.

Sooooooooooo, full disclosure: I am not a bodyswap guy. Not at all. That might come as a surprise given some of the people and comics I follow on here. I think it can sometimes be done right in original work, but I almost always hate it in mainstream media, movies show episodes etc... Just not really my thing at all.


I refuse to believe I was the only person playing through hi-fi rush last month, realizing how 808 and peppermint worked together, and thinking in the back of his mind the entirety of the game: "SAAAAAAAAAAAY........" I refuse. I'd pretty much realized on the day of release that I was going to make this happen somehow. Well, with the other bodyswap focused artists out there mysteriously absent, and everyone else either gushing over 808's cuteness or turning her into the next renamon... >:3 Here I am drawing and uploading something I'd ordinarily never draw. Because someone had to.

I regret nothing, but I'm now very scared the door I opened won't close behind me. >w<

(Ps: I don't really openly talk about game stuff much anymore, but hi-fi rush itself gets a special mention cause it is now my favourite game of all time. For real. And that ain't something I randomly flip on every week, that's a hard no#1 slot to hit and it shot up after just an hour or so. If it looks even slightly appealing to you and you can check this one out, check this one out. Well worth it. ^^)

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