I am a hoss who enjoys making things. While my artistic skills in the drawn area may be lacking, I prefer my chosen mediums of leather, vinyl, cloth, clay and resins.

I can most often be found in the dealers den at various conventions selling my assorted wares [see list below for past/future cons]

Cons Attended [D]=Dealer [AA]=Artist Alley
Taiyoucon 2014[AA]
Further Confusion 2013 [D] 14
Furry Fiesta 2013 [D] 14 [D]
Con-Nichiwa 2014[AA]
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2013 [D]
Biggest Little Fur Con 2014 [AA]
FurTheMore 2013 [D]
Furry Connection North 2012, 13 [AA]
Califur 2014 [D]
Anthrocon 2010, 12, 13[D], 14[D]
RagNaRok 2010
Convergence 2009, 10, 12
Indy Furcon 2010, 13[D]
Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2012[D] 13[D], 14[D]
Mephit Furmeet 2010, 12[D] 13[D]
Saboten 2014 [D]
Rainfurrest 2012[D] 13[D] 14[D]
Arizona Furcon 2013[D]
Furfright 2012[AA] 13[D]
Kikori Con 2013 [D]
Midwest FurFest 2011, 12[AA] 13[D]

Future Cons/Events [D]=Dealer [AA]=Artist Alley
-Unthrocon 2014[D]
-Kikoricon 2014 [D]
-Midwest Fur Fest 2014 [AA]
-Further Confusion 2015 [D]
-Texas Furry Fiesta 2015 [D]
-Vancoufur 2015 [D]
-Furry Weekend Atlanta 2015 [D]
-Biggest Little Fur Con 2015 [D]
-Califur 2015 [D]



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it's aliiiiiiive!

on 13 December 2013 at 11:55:48 MST

[insert epic music here]

ok so after falling back into the single site rut I've started to breathe some life back into my profile here. FA gallery has been migrated, commission info is up, now I've just gotta work on getting my characters posted, which i LOVE that there's a whole section just for that!!

next up is trying to figure out where to put the "upcoming cons" list, may end up just doing a journal that i update regularly.

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Leather items

Nylon Items

6 point Body Harness
$ 150.00
Husky Sled Harness
$ 175.00
I Harness
$ 70.00
X Chest Harness
$ 80.00
Y Body Harness
$ 100.00

Shipping is not included in prices

examples of the various items i offer

I Harness

X Chest harness

Bulldog Chest Harness

Y body harness

6 point Body Harness

Husky Sled harness

I have a multitude of nylon colors and patterns available for these.

if you have any questions or are interested in any of the items i offer please contact me via note or email me at

most of my items can also be found on my etsy page here


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    I love your glasses and mugs!! Are they here or on your Etsy? I'm still getting used to Weasyl so idk if you can reply.

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    ~sound of a stone moving on stone~
    Hai -hugs-
    ~repeats sound~

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    Hey hon just letting you know this account will soon be inactive; if you still want to see photos/art you'll have to follow this account now; thanks for the support! <3

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    Live your life to the fullest & in happiness. It may lie in living your dreams or helping others live theirs. You are wonderful. Use this to remind you to always smile, no matter what life brings you.♥Thanks for the watch!

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