The Reading Spot by Doran Eirok

The Reading Spot

Doran Eirok

13 February 2015 at 10:41:33 MST

As an anthrodragon, one comes to appreciate a good perching/reading spot. It's tricky to find a place that provides some back support while still leaving crannies in the right places to accommodate the wings and tail, so when one finds such a place it tends to be worth kicking off the boots and getting comfy for a while.

Even if it's on the surface of a terraformed Mars, if the rock colour here is anything to go by. I dunno, there's no accounting for taste.

Got the mental image for this stuck in my head when I was having half-asleep ponderings for anthrodragon clothing designs one morning. Seems like one comfy and casual solution could be a tabard-style garment like this; just toss it over your head, the back sits between the wings, then belt the whole lot around the waist under the wings and fasten a button at the neck. You'd obviously need a rather large neck opening to deal with the muzzle and horns (protip: don't be this guy: ). And then a simple and comfy pair of leather knee breeches. Because leather.

I think my weariness of the perpetual chilly overcast of the British winter and my growing desire for summer to hurry up and just friggin get here already also helped inspire this one. Enjoy!

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