Doran Eirok Airplane Nose Art by Doran Eirok

Doran Eirok Airplane Nose Art

Doran Eirok

1 August 2013 at 10:14:13 MDT

This came about through a stupendously unlikely coincidence. I was contacted not long ago by a private pilot who stumbled across my artwork while googling for photos of his small superlight plane. The reason he found my artwork is that the ICAO registration of his plane is EI-ROK.

Furthermore, he thought my Doran Eirok character/identity was really fun and cute, and proposed the idea of, if I would be interested, having a Doreydragon adorn the nose of his airplane in lieu of the more traditional pinup girl. Needless to say, I thought the idea was fantastic.

To make it even better, this pilot does a lot of charity fundraising as he flies his superlight around Europe, especially for children's hospitals and the like. Also his plane is a cute and sleek little blue and white Roko Aero NG-4. So it was all just too perfect to say no to!

So this is the design I finally came up with (downsized from the massive A2-sized original version), after tossing some ideas and edits back and forth with the pilot. He's delighted with it and, at time of posting, is looking into getting it printed as a big decal or something to put on his plane. If and when I get photos of the art actually on the plane, I'll make sure that gets posted too!

I'm totally blown away by the insane coincidence of the whole thing, and I absolutely adore the idea of having my dragon self adorning a plane, taking to the skies in his own special way as a dragon ought to. The fact that he'll be doing so partially in the name of raising funds for children's hospitals just tops it all off for me and fills me with delight. The look might be a little cuter and more cartoony than the traditional WWII figher 'rawrface' or scantily-clad lady, but, well, this is me we're talking about after all!

UPDATE: Here's the result!

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