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Novelty Bootlace by Doran Eirok

Novelty Bootlace

Doran Eirok

...Yeah okay this one's a bit weird, I'll admit.

We have here a dark faerie dragoness named Mist, who is playful, mischievous, currently in possession of a magic ring that allows her to mess with people's size and shape, and in need of a new lace for one of her boots. And we have me, who seems to have had the misfortune of being found by her and more or less the right colour.

Mist has decided to address this situation... rather creatively. Don't worry too much, she enjoys being dominant and messing with people a bit but isn't really all that mean. She knows I'm actually enjoying this weirdness (look I'm strange okay, this is known) and I'm sure the 'dental floss' threat is just there to push me into cooperating. She wouldn't actually do that. I think.

For now she gets a cute fluffy novelty bootlace that she can show off to all her friends. There's no pain involved, just some mild humiliation and helplessness and the feeling of being bound tightly against a lot of smooth, flexing leather that seems to result in a lot of squirming and blushing rather than any genuine distress...