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Blue 4 Standing By by Doran Eirok

Blue 4 Standing By

Doran Eirok

I've been trying to keep up a little bit of drawing here and there lately as a way to feel like I'm at least producing something of value in the face of a long and fruitless job search and lockdown doldrums. It hasn't exactly been fully restoring my mental health, but it's helped a little. I decided I needed something showing myself off as a starfighter pilot in the Star Wars universe like this, primarily on its own but sized and formatted such that I could use it as a Telegram sticker where appropriate.

I experimented with a symmetrical approach, drawing just one half of the image before copying and mirroring the lines. It was definitely a rather fumbly process that I'm sure goes more smoothly in other drawing programs, or maybe can be done easier in GIMP if only I knew how (it's a great and feature-rich program, especially for being free, the learning curve can really feel like hurling yourself into a brick wall repeatedly...). Pleased enough with how it came out, and the symmetry kind of makes it look like a Star Fox wingman icon to me that should be telling you to do a barrel roll or use bombs wisely or something.

Anyway, Blue Four standing by. S-foils in attack position. Ready to give the Empire some hell.

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    Do a K-turn!

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      That sounds inadvisable at combat speeds! But eh, what's the worst that could happen.... ^^