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Dorey, but Kobold by Doran Eirok

Dorey, but Kobold

Doran Eirok

For far too long the world has been left to wonder at a most pressing question. Today, at long last, that question has finally been answered! 'What would Dorey look like as a kobold???'

Turns out the answer is basically just 'about the same, but smol.'

I seem to have gotten into a bit of a situation where a pair of significantly larger dragons, namely my friend Airyuu and my character Naya, have found me and decided to tease me by stomping all around me threateningly with their rather massive (by comparison) paws. Almost like they're aware of how squirmy and blushy that sort of thing can make me, or something. Probably even more so when I've been turned into a kobold and have increased instincts of awe and reverence toward such big powerful dragons. I just gotta keep it together, maybe they won't notice...