Remaya Salazzle'd by Doran Eirok

Remaya Salazzle'd

Doran Eirok

25 January 2020 at 15:27:33 MST

Remaya is a mix of things.

There's my own dragoness character Naya, who you may have seen and/or read about elsewhere in my gallery. She had an abusive childhood before stumbling upon the ruins of an ancient city of dragon sorcerors, leaving her imbued with a great deal of magical power to the point of near-immortality, which is what the glowy green runes denote. She spent a period of years being kind of power-mad and insane due to her bad upbringing, but eventually through finding love her heart softened and she was able to heal and find ways to make up for some of the wrongs she'd committed.

My friend Airyuu (FA: has an ocean kitsune character named Remina who is mischevious and playful but not -too- dangerous, generally. One day, through a random odd magical mishap, a new person was created through a merging of Naya and Remina. Naturally named 'Remaya', she ended up with both a portion of Naya's rune magic and Remina's kitsune magic, a mix of their appearances, and a hybridisation of their personalities - Naya's lingering hints of darkness and dominance, albeit mostly healed, and Remina's general sense of mischief.

But wait, there's more! More recently still Remaya got herself crossed with a Salazzle, further altering her appearance and giving her unique pokemon-based powers as well. If she's feeling playful and seductive she can exude pheramones from the pink parts of her body that render a 'victim' vulnerable to a degree of mind control and general submissive squirminess. Given Remaya's personality, you can see how she might enjoy adding this to her already formidible arsenal.

She is extremely powerful, make no mistake, and while usually pretty benign she can be quite scary if she decides to have her way about something.

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