Cyber Slide by Doran Eirok

Cyber Slide

Doran Eirok

13 October 2019 at 12:53:40 MDT

I've had this hoverbike design in my head for a while now, waiting for me to actually do something with it. So I finally did! And what better way to show it off than with cyberpunk Dorey performing the iconic Akira bike slide. That massive front end houses some powerful engines and the seat is designed a bit more for long-distance comfort than raw performance, making the whole thing kind of like the muscle car equivalent of a hoverbike.

I had a lot of fun with this and I'm pleased with the result. Drawing is still a really slow and infrequent thing for me, so every one I can manage builds back a bit of confidence.

Making tech designs that are anthrodragon-compatible is difficult as always; I figure here there's an opening in the back of the seat that the tail can go through, and a cavity with a padded 'hook' that can be used to help keep one's tail coiled safely while riding. Wings would actually fit okay to either side of the relatively narrow seat back, but cyberpunk Dorey in this case has opted to leave his detachable prosthetic cyborg jet-powered wings at home in this instance. Erm, mostly because I wanted this drawing to focus a bit more on the tech design than just giant derg wings all over the place. IT'S CYBERPUNK I CAN DO WHAT I WANT OK

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    Very fun! You and my SO could talk about vehicle design, I suspect, he is always making up spaceships.

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      Thank you! I imagine so! I love pondering vehicle designs and such, I imagine we could chatter for hours. XD Not being able to draw a straight line to save my life feels like it gets in the way of actually drawing most of the ideas I get, but fortunately rulers and digital line tools are a thing...