Deep Space Dragon by Doran Eirok

Deep Space Dragon

Doran Eirok

19 August 2016 at 14:34:23 MDT

I dig ferals in clothing. I dunno, maybe it's something about the duality it suggests... as a feral you kind of show that you're still tied to your animalistic roots, closer to nature, and fully capable of going crazy tacos when the situation calls for it. But you can also be intelligent and civilised enough to rock a nice tight shiny bodysuit, sci-fi tech, and a set of big stompy space boots. I also like the idea of forepaw boots, that are kind of halfway between boots and gloves. Sturdy enough to walk over all sorts of nasty terrain, but articulated enough get grabby when required.

So here, enjoy a Doreydragon on a space station or something, rocking that exact duality whilst reflecting as many needlessly moody light sources as possible.

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    sheeeeeeeeeeeeit dat ders a space dragon

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    Now you just need to work out how to design a good helmet for wandering into low atmosphere. (And full body coverage, can't have the end of your tail freeze~.)

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      Oh certainly! Yeah, what's shown here is more a general work outfit for onboard a station or ship or something, and might be worn as a liner underneath a full space suit but I'd certainly need more protection for going outdoors or exploring alien worlds or whatnot!

      That said, I totally should design some fully enclosed feral dragon space armour at some point. XD