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Paw Fashion: Snowboarding boot by Doran Eirok

Paw Fashion: Snowboarding boot

Doran Eirok

23 April 2016 at 06:13:04 MDT

Did anybody not see this coming? ;) Obviously inspired by my recent foray into snowboarding and the subsequent artwork, it naturally followed that I should dust off the old Paw Fashion template and properly show off my own take on what snowboarding boots might look for for a digitigrade. Like real-world snowboarding boots these are stiff and heavy, treaded to allow walking on snow but not allowing for very much flexibility. The upraised sole section beneath the heel is meant to slot into the highback of the bindings; coupled with the toe and ankle straps it should secure the wearer's paws soundly to the board, just as in the real world.

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    I so love your boot designs. ^_^ Very well thought-out, though you know my opinion is always that Dorey's feet will always look best when coming out off those boots at the end of the long day of snowboarding fun. :3

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      Hehe, indeed! But especially for something like snowboarding those paws want to be adequately protected. ;) So hey, I can look stylish while doing that, and then look forward to letting the paws out when I'm all done. ^^

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        Good point! A total win/win situation. ^_^