Hungry Paws part 3/4 by Doran Eirok

Hungry Paws part 3/4

Doran Eirok

21 March 2016 at 12:42:38 MDT

I think Naya's having fun with this... granted, I am too, even if it's rather overwhelming...

After some of the comments received on the previous page, I worry that I'm kind of weirding out some of you with all of this. If that is the case, I do apologise! Now, it's important to me to be able to freely explore things in my artwork and not feel like I need to censor my interests or stifle my own creativity, especially in a community as open as this; so, I can't really apologise for being me and wanting to explore. But at the same time, it's never my desire to make anybody uncomfortable. For what it's worth, this is all in good fun. Naya is powerful, playful and dominant, but (apart from some dark times in her early years) she's also quite friendly, and would never abuse her powers by messing with people in ways they didn't wish to be messed with. So just to make things clear, I'm uh... totally cool with what's being done to me here. ;) And she knows it.

I'm rather proud of how that toesplay came out on panel 1! Still perfecting my ability to do the solewrinkles in panel 2, but I think they're better than previous attempts anyway.


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    I would love to be in this predicament on any dragons foot X3

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      I certainly would too! Though I definitely have a strong preference for Naya... as you can see, she tends to particularly enjoy this sort of dominant play. ^^;