Rains of November by Doran Eirok

Rains of November

Doran Eirok

1 November 2015 at 09:56:15 MST

I've always liked November.

It's an easy month to like when the sun is shining and illuminating all the bright autumn colours of the trees, filling the streets with golden warmth despite the brisk chill of the air.

It's a bit harder to like when it's just cold and dreary and constantly overcast or drizzling or properly raining, and it feels like the world will never again be anything other than grey and brown and soggy and cold.

But I like it anyway.


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    Oh WOW. <3 You are um... looking VERY attractive there. << Lucky dragons - get to have a nice floof like that for chilly November cuddle weather. ^^

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      happyblushes ^..^ Why thank ya! I cheat though. Glasses and flat cap make one look good no matter what. And yes, the floof is helpful for this time of year! Though less so once it gets this waterlogged...

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        *chuckles* Nothing a little water-proofing can't fix. And psh, stop discrediting how much of a sexy floof dragon you are.

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          Hehe! Sorry, the sense of modesty is kind of an integral part of being a Dorey, not a lot I can do to help that. The sneaky secret part though is that I've also got enough vanity to really appreciate your kind words. ^^

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            *laughs* Well good then. I think that's quite a healthy balance.

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              I aim for one. ^^ Again, thanks my friend. :)