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Bee | 24 | Agender (she/they) | Autistic

Hello, friends! I’m Bee!

I’m just a 24yo autistic nerd with a passion for art and sharing it with others! If my art can please or entertain just one of the people who has seen it, then I’m happy! My dream is actually to make a living as a freelance artist, but for now I’ll settle for getting a little closer to some important financial milestones.

If you’re looking for highly queer art made by a queer artist, you’re in the right place. My gallery is almost exclusively original art. I try to create respectfully diverse characters, but I know I have a long way to go.

Art Status

Commissions: Open | Art Trades: Open | Collabs: Open | Requests: Closed

Please do not repost my art without my explicit permission. If you ever have any questions about my work, or you simply need someone to talk to, I always welcome comments and notes!

I appreciate every fave, watch, and comment! Your support makes my day a little brighter! Thank you all so much!

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Basic Options

Cartoon Single Subject Fullbody or 2-3 Subjects Halfbody
$ 25.00
Chibi Single
$ 10.00
Reference Sheet
$ 50.00

Other Options

Character Design
$ 25.00
Doodle Single Subject Fullbody or 2-3 Subjects Halfbody
$ 1.00
Outfit Design
$ 10.00
Sketch Single Subject Fullbody or 2-3 Subjects Halfbody
$ 5.00

I take commissions of 1-3 subjects interacting. To discuss your commission, please contact me at BecAveryMason@gmailcom

Please fill out this form when contacting me to ensure I am able to quickly get to your commission.

Payment Method: Will you pay through Paypal or Etsy?

Commission Type: Chibi, Fullbody, or Reference Sheet?

Number of Subjects: Do you want 1, 2, or 3 characters in the image?

Note: Chibi style may only be 1 subject.

References: Image references are preferred, especially references using real people.
Note: Commissions using written descriptions may cost extra due to requiring some design work on my part.

Subjects Ages and Heights: Age and heights don't have to be exact, I just need a general idea to get proportions correct.

Body Type(s): This is only necessary if the reference is a chibi or other such that doesn't accurately represent the character's build

Personalities: What are the core traits of the subjects that you want to be expressed in the image?

Mood: What type of scene or mood do you want the piece to capture?


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    My wife and I finally have enough saved up to get an apartment, but we want to ensure we have a financial safety before making the move this summer. So I'm opening up commissions without slots to try and get closer to our financial goal.

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