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Corlia - Line by DoNotDelete

Corlia - Line


My bro mutsurf did me a solid this week so I thought I'd draw something to thank him.

Linework done in Illustrator - I'll be attempting to colour/render in Photoshop but I don't know how soon I will finish it because I'm not overly familiar with using Photoshop in this way.

Because I'm generally not overly keen on posting uncoloured linework - and it's my own intention to finish this piece - I'll make a point of saying that you (the viewer) don't have permission to colour this linework, but mutsurf can do whatever he wants with it.

Do not claim this artwork as your own.

Do not copy, alter or reproduce this artwork in any way.

Corlia © mutsurf.

Artwork © David Nathan Dawkins.

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Visual / Digital


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    I think I said it best in my comment on the FA version of this submission but

    this is amazing okay

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      I felt like I should do something to thank you after I asked you out of the blue like that.

      Hopefully you'll like the coloured version too.

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        I will weep endless rivers of rapturous joy upon laying my eyes on the finished version of this picture.

        It's too much! All this for just a weasyl invite! ;v;

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          The amount of love being presented here is absolutely breathtaking.

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            It's platonic I swear.