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Cerise Sundae


28 August 2015 at 02:48:06 MDT

Cerise is the youngest of the 'Sundae Sisters', but also the most mechanically/engineering-inclined. She's the sister most frequently in charge of adapting technology to function with the Sundae Sisters', uh... unique choice of ammunition.

After creating Vanilla and Coco I guess I'd kind of run out of natural fur colours to use - so I just went the My Little Pony route and gave Cerise (meaning 'cherry' in French I believe) pink fur and a multicolour mane. It doesn't seem out of place/unnatural for her to have pink fur though.

So yeah, can't really get away from the fact these girls use their own breast milk for ammunition - they are based off of cows and cows are most well known for their milk producing abilities. I've even considered their breast size against what kind of weapons they use (pistols here for Cherry's lower volume output) - I suppose that might even be a sore point between her and her more well-endowed sisters. These are just harmless, offbeat character design considerations intended for a more mature audience (i.e. not five-year-olds).

I guess I'm saying please don't take offence to it and just see it as a well-humoured/tongue-in-cheek character design.

It's imaginative and it's fun; Don't take it the wrong way.

Note: I honestly don't think the content here qualifies as 'mature' - if however a moderator or admin disagrees with that conclusion I won't argue.

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