Coco Sundae by DoNotDelete

Coco Sundae


28 August 2015 at 02:42:39 MDT

Coco is probably my personal favourite of the 'Sundae Sisters' - her rich chocolate-coloured fur and mane give her a particularly alluring appeal. The colouring of her cold suit also sets off her fur/mane colours in a very evocative way. Also she has longer hair than her sisters so that could be part of it.

She's more melee-oriented than her sisters - preferring to engage in close combat and use weapons such as the 'Wafer Blade' (pictured), though that doesn't mean she can't also use her 'Ice Cream Machine Gun' to devastating effect (as devastating as ice cream-based weaponry can be).

I've covered my mixed feelings in regards to a cow anthropomorph using her own, uh... milk, to provide ammunition for her weapons in Vanilla Sundae's description - so I won't repeat it here. I'll just say that it seemed like a really logical and fun/wacky idea and is not intended to cause offence.

So Coco's my favourite of the Sundae Sisters. I want to draw more of her. I Don't know when that will happen.

Note: I honestly don't think the content here qualifies as 'mature' - if however a moderator or admin disagrees with that conclusion I won't argue.

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