Hula the Hippocosmos - Final Model by DoNotDelete

Hula the Hippocosmos - Final Model


23 July 2015 at 02:30:23 MDT

Hula is a space-faring gravity-manipulating seahorse-like monster with a superiority complex, but it might be easier to just call her a 'cosmic seahorse'.

Hula the Hippocosmos is 'Fina the Aviacean's' main rival - everything Fina struggles to do Hula excels at. Where Fina is a hero, Hula is a villain. Where Fina's area of 'elemental expertise' is atmosphere and air pressure, Hula's is space (vacuum) and gravity.

So Fina and Hula are basically polar opposites.

This is pretty much Hula's final design - it's just that her 'cosmic effects' need some fine-tuning/tweaking. I'm pretty satisfied with Hula's 'Hippocosmos' design - I think I may even prefer it to Fina's 'Aviacean' design (but don't tell Fina I said that!).

Even when I finally get around to putting up some comic pages it may be a while before Hula makes an appearance, it's just that - in light of Nintendo/Game Freak dropping hints about Pokemon G7 - I thought it best to upload this character design now and not look like I'm ripping off a Pokemon G7 design later.

Though it may be a while before Hula appears in any comic pages proper, I like her a lot so I'll probably try to make as much use of her as I can. I at least intend to do some finished art pieces of her in the near future.

Hula and Hippocosmos are ™ and © David Nathan Dawkins.
Artwork © David Nathan Dawkins.

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