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East Meets West by DoniRoux

East Meets West


25 June 2020 at 13:02:23 MDT

"Just because I'm smaller than you, doesn't mean you need to rub it in."
"But I'm not rubbing it in..."
"...I'm grooming it in."
"I'm going to
bite it in..."
"You know I enjoy your nibbles."

Another moment captured as the feral floof form I have grown fond of... Though as much as I like to stomp around and roar like a proper dragon, there is one who is all to happy to remind me that no matter how big I get, there is always someone bigger. It is all well and good, Niko and I have always seen our differences as a strength.

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Doni Tawner belongs to doniroux doniroux
Niko Tawner and art belongs to nikkyvix nikkyvix