Reign in Death: The Bird Flies by Domnul Eduard

Reign in Death: The Bird Flies

Domnul Eduard

19 July 2015 at 19:03:15 MDT

"So, tell me please, my dearest audience who so gleefully gathered to witness my last live performance, how does this sound for a headline: "The Bird Flies"?"

Through this artwork I wanted to convey an embodiment of dignity and pride. I personally believe that an important element in success, love, and friendship is sacrifice. Therefore, if we sacrifice ourselves to the causes we believe in, and for the people we love most, then we have the right to face the penalties with a defiant smirk for we had the dignity to forge our own paths.

Though of course, a defiant smirk is never enough for me. Opportunism and the wit to adapt to any situation is idiosyncratic to me, your reverent raven. Assuredly, the conspirators against me faced punishment by impalement. They played on high stakes after all...

Eternal, who brought my vision to life as his part of the art trade, has visually manifested my thoughts flawlessly. Praise goes to him.

Artistically, I dare say this is the most exquisite and overtly finespun rendition of me. Thank you very much, Eternal. It is exactly as I imagine myself, my fursona.

(This reminds me, I ought to upload the completed form of my part of the art trade here too. Reenactment prevented me from that, though it's finished for a week at least and uploaded wholly on FA)

Eduard - c'est moi biensur
Art by eternal.knot


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    Most excellent, and I must say that I admire your logic in the submission info as well. Would that more would aspire to think like that.

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      Indeed, it is most excellent. I never imagined to see my fursona ever portrayed, so well even. I must say, the virtues of friendship and camaraderie never cease to amaze me.

      And speaking of friendship... and regarding my logic... I honestly find it a pity that many people today take friendships and any form of inter-human relationship for granted. They portray themselves as some form of jewels on a pedestal, writing concessions and ultimatums to seal their friendships such as "It is all fine if you agree with me but if you don't you are free to leave" and many other scenarios. I believe friendship is about sacrifice, that we firstly learn to accept our differences and set aside our possibly conflicting stances as we have paved a long road together to let different opinions drive us apart.

      Same goes for goals and ideals. People hate to strive, to work and instead they proliferate a mentality of laziness, hence why many today so boldly defend socialism and the SJW movements that follow it. Because they find comfort in becoming the parasites of a community rather than working together.
      It is sad sometimes.

      But I can talk about many more examples.

      But in the end, I think we must learn to sacrifice, in order to win, as great dreams involve costs if you want to see them shaped into reality. Taking everything for granted will breed a destructive mentality.