Keep fighting by Dominicus

Keep Fighting
By Dominicus

Keep Fighting, don't let go.
Don't let the sickness take hold! 
Can't let it! No, don't do it!!!
I can feel the hunger coming over.

No Hope, No Life..
Only Undead Remain now..
I can't join them, I wont!! I have to keep fighting!!
No Hope, No Life..
No Hope, No Life..

Shuttup! I can't, I won't!!
I have to fight it.. 
I can't give up hope.. 

Smile, your not alone..
There is Hope, There is Life.

Friends, Family, and... Him.

Death all Around still, odds overwhelming..
Dying myself... not much time.

I must try.
I have to try, I have to try.
No matter what happens,I love you all.

I will fight for you.

Keep fighting


17 February 2013 at 13:13:26 MST

Something I wrote when I was in a really bad point in my life, I love this piece so much. I revamped it a bit before I submitted it to reflect how I feel a bit now. :) and I hope that someone who reads this can feel this power of self-worth. To not give up.

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    you make me remember to get back up everyday

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      I fave this comment :3

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        I fave the writer