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Bundle of Joy by Dominicus (critique requested)

Bundle of Joy

By Dominicus

Rosetta paced back and forth in her medium sized blue and white tiled bathroom. She had a worried and stressed out look on her face. Her mouse tail curled around her left leg and blue tight Jeans. Her white furred arms wrapped around her slender waist with a black tank top over it. She walked over to her porcelain sink to look in her mirror. She had a very cute face for a Mouse, her whiskers were small and her snout was short and curved, her baby blues staring back at her. Then through the mirror she noticed the Necklace she was wearing and gently took it into her thumb and index finger and rubbed it.

“Demitri...” She said to herself. Her voice was deep and feminine at the same time. Then she looked at the clock. It was time, she thought to herself. She gazed over at the strip on the side of the bathtub. She took a huge sigh, grabbed the box and walked over to it. Then picked it up and put the box next to the strip to compare. There was a red line, a red fucking line, she thought to herself. Her eyes went wide in shock.

“Ok Sis, come in.” She yelled. A gray furred mouse walked in, she was wearing a one shoulder red halter top with a black skirt and an orange head dress.

“So... What’s it say Rose?” She asked cupping her hands together in concern.

“There is a red line. I… I’m…” Rosetta tried to say, her Sister’s eyes watered up and she put her hands over her own mouth as she tried to keep herself from crying. But it was no use and she made her way over to Rosetta and hugged her as they both started to cry. “I’m… Pregnant.” She managed to blurt out. After an hour they managed to calm down and went into Rosetta’s living room, she lived on the 15th floor of an apartment complex in a huge city. She was a business investor and she was also successful at buying and selling stocks, she also owned a local coffee shop. Her apartment was very spacious, warm and welcoming. Her living room was attached to her patio with a very beautiful view of the beach and ocean. She sat on her black leather sofa gazing out at the ocean.

“So, you know its Dimitri’s right?” Rosetta’s sister asked. Rosetta turned to her and grabbed a cup of water.

“Of course, He’s the only one I’ve been with Carol.” Rosetta assured her Sister, a little defensiveness in her tone.

“Hey I didn’t mean anything by it... So... what are you going to do?” Carol asked concerned. Rosetta looked down at her stomach.

“Demitri was an orphan; he had no family his entire life... I won’t the same thing happen to his child... I may not have known him very long. But I loved him... I still do. I’ll keep it.” Rosetta said. Carol put her hand on her head.

“How are you going to break it to Dad? You know how he is. If he finds out that you were even dating someone who wasn’t a Mouse…” Carol started to say.

“He’ll what? Disown me? Look around, I don’t need him or his controlling attitude. I can do well all by myself.” Rosetta interjected. Carol sat up and started to pour her a glass of Pinot Noir red Wine.

“Well, if you want… I can move in and help...” Carol offered and then took a sip.

“No... Dad will get mad...” Rosetta said. Carol raised her right eyebrow and then put her left hand on her hip.

“If you can deal with it, Then so can I and maybe if he sees me being supportive of you. It might make him want to as well. I may not have as much money as you, but I can still help.” Carol said, she ended her sentence with a smile.

“Well I don’t want to take advantage of your offer... so if you do that I’ll pay for the rest of your College. How many years you got left?” Rosetta asked.

“One and then I will be a licensed Massage Therapist!” Carol said with a proud look on her face.

“Ok, Then it’s a deal... we won’t tell Dad at first, tomorrow we can go and get your things and move you into the guest room. We can just say that I’m getting lonely or something... knowing him he won’t give a shit.” Rosetta said putting her index finger on her chin.

“Sooo... can I bring any boys around?” Carol asked with a naughty grin. Rosetta folded her arms and stared at her younger Sister. “Oh, Pleeease.” Carol continued. Rosetta knew how her boy crazy Sister was, if she set some boundaries she would obey them.

“Just not at night. If you HAVE to spend the night with a guy... go get a hotel room. Remember I’m pregnant, and I WILL be a hormonal bitch if you wake me up.” Rosetta said.

Carol nodded “Understood.” Carol replied. One month later, Carol had already moved in and started to do her job as the maid of the house, she was getting paid by getting free room and board and $100 worth of groceries. Rosetta had started to show signs of her pregnancy and had already had to visits to her Gynecologist, Everything was fine. Carol and Rosetta had gone to the book store to learn more about Half-breeds and pregnancy of both species. Rosetta’s friend Xavier was over to help them before they had to go to dinner with their Father. They planned on breaking the news to him.

“Well, I didn’t know about any of this stuff Rose. We aren’t going to know what to expect! It says here that pregnancy with Half-breed children will experience symptoms from both species.” Carol informed her Sister.

“Ohhhh and you just had to be with an Orca huh?” Xavier asked. He layer back in the comfortable arm chair with his reptilian tail tucked in-between his legs like usual. His neck a bright pink, he had yellow eyes and a slender form. His light green scales also seemed to illuminate in the sunlight. He was the perfect example of a handsome iguana.

“It says in the book I got that Orca’s are normally pregnant from 15-18 months. So as math suggests you might be pregnant for a whole year.” Xavier blurted out. “Hey, Sorry to get off track here... But... What was it like?” Xavier asked as he closed the book after bookmarking it.

“How was what?” Rosetta asked, not sure of what her friend was asking. Xavier rolled his eyes; she was as oblivious as always. He chuckled as he thought she should know better by now.

“Girl... The sex... How was the SEX!” Xavier bluntly said. Rosetta blushed and her hands tightened around her book.

“Well…” She tried to pick something to start on, but she couldn’t stop giggling and blushing. Then she frowned as she remembered Demitri, How gentle and kind he was, How loving he was to her.

“It was the best. He was very different from the others I dated before him. He wasn’t selfish and very tender... It wasn’t sex it was love.” Rosetta said staring at her Necklace.

“Ohhhh, you have to give us details!” Xavier asked.

“Xavier!” Carol yelled, she noticed it was making Rosetta uncomfortable.

“No... Carol its ok... I want to. I have to get over it, He’s dead and I have to come to terms with it.” Rosetta said.

---Three months ago---

Rosetta and Demitri walked through the door; they had gotten back from their date. It was their fifth one and they were getting close fast. They went to a concert, and after that had taken a long walk on the beach at nighttime.

“I hope you like my Apartment... I’ve been told it’s cluttered.” Rosetta said, she was starting to blush. It was the first time she brought the Orca around. He looked around the main room, it was very spacios and well decorated with family pictures and modern art pieces, it also had a killer view of the Ocean. His green eyes gazing over the elegantly dimmed lighten room.

“You sure know how to live, and the Ocean is right there!” Demitri replied, He then turned to his date with a big smile. His teeth were as pearly white as his stomach and chest through his wife beater. His black jeans complimenting his muscular physique and black shoulders and legs. Orca’s like other cetaceans, he didn’t believe in shoes and never wore footwear. He had asked her before if it was a problem and she explained that she found it cute.

“So would you like something to drink?” Rosetta asked him as she walked over to her kitchen; she took off her black jacket and placed it on her Marble green counter. Her red dress very revealing.

“Sure, what do you have?” Demitri asked.

“Wine, Beer, Water and Fruit Juice.” Rosetta said stretching her arms out to point attention to her kitchen that she was proud of.

“I’ll have what you’re having.” Demitri said. Rosetta then took out two Wine glasses and poured Pinot Grigio into them.

“White Wine it is.” Rosetta said as she handed him the glass. They both then made their way over to the living room and sat down. She put her legs in his lap and he used his free hand to start massaging her ankles and feet. “Ooooh... you’re so good at that...”

“Really? I’m bullshitting my way through it.” Demitri said and then laughed nervously.

“Relax, Demitri. If I didn’t like you, you wouldn’t be here.” Rosetta assured him. He took a sip and then looked her in the eye.

“I’m only nervous with girls I really like, I can’t help it.” Demitri said and then blushed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that out loud.” Rosetta reacted by laughing.

“You’re so cute. Your one of a kind you know?” Rosetta asked and then took another sip. Demitri smiled and then set the glass down.

“You know, that’s just what I was going to say about you.” Demitri said. She stopped and stared at him for awhile and he stared back, both completely silent. Then she sat up and gently grasped the back of his head rested her head on his shoulder.

“Tell me something about yourself...” Rosetta asked as she put an arm around his chest and rested her hand on his other shoulder. He smiled and started to feel comfortable and put his arm around her back.

“Like what?” Demitri asked.

“Whatever, I just wanna know more about you.” Rosetta said.

“Well, it was really hard getting into college, I had no job but I did good in school and no parents to help me.” Demitri started.

“Because you were a foster child?” Rosetta asked.

“Yes, it was really hard. If I didn’t have a scholarship I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off. But look at me? I’m a physical rehabilitation doctor. I didn’t have a lot of friends and nice things, and I still don’t! I’m afraid I’m still paying back my student loans I’m working my ass off, I’m glad I’ve been able to spend time with you. Honestly, I would rather not spend it with anyone else.” Demitri explained. Rosetta looked up at him and as he was in the middle of asking something she kissed him gently. His mouth felt different from a mouse’s, it was wet and smooth. The lack of fur was a welcomed difference. They both soon closed their eyes and embraced each other.

Demitri broke the kiss and asked “So I take it were official now?” Rosetta nodded and gently nuzzled his chin.

“Yes... I mean... if we can make it work...” She started playing with his stomach with her right hand, gently caressing it under his shirt. She then got up and grabbed his hand and pulled him gently to her bedroom. She then slipped her dress off and helped him take his wife beater off. She then embraced him and they hooked into a passionate kiss. He wrapped his thick arms around her small body and gently held her body to his. Then she pulled them both onto her bed with a thud, they fell onto her fluffy king sized bed. Her breathing now different, it was deeper and faster.

“Are you nervous?” Demitri asked. Rosetta looked up at him and gently put her arms around his thick neck and pulled him close to her face and then nuzzled his face and neck.

“I’ve… never had sex with anyone outside of my species… I really like you but yes, I am a little scared.” She whispered.

“We don’t have to rush it.” Demitri said as he tried to get up. She pulled him back in.

“Please, don’t leave... Just because I’m a little scared doesn’t mean I don’t want you.”

Rosetta said. He unzipped his pants and began to kiss her again gently. Then he used his free hands to explore and massage her furry body, trying to find the best way to please her. She then rolled him over and broke the kiss. She placed her hands on his chest and lifted her body up ready for him. She grabbed his smooth curved pelvis, she liked how it felt in her hand, and it was smooth, skinny, somewhat slimy and long. She lowered her body down and let her lover enter her warm body. He leaned up and gently kissed her again.

“I love you.” Demitri said quietly, Rosetta blushed and nuzzled his small and smooth nose.

“I love you to, Demitri.” Rosetta said. She then wrapped her arms and legs around him so she could hold him close not wanting to let go. He then scooted over to the edge of the bed and sat up with her in his lap. He wrapped his large arms around her body again and gently thrusted into her. She let out a moan into his mouth. She was having the best time of her life; she didn’t want it to end. But knew he would have to leave and go back to the water. He started to gently lick and nibble her neck as he tenderly thrusted into her. Their bodies heating up from the love, Rosetta and Demitri were beginning to sweat and moan. Every touch and movement he made sent so many waves of pleasure throughout her body, his soft and smooth fishy scales were a welcomed sensation she had never felt before. His lips and tongue were also extremely good to the touch and he was also very skilled at using it.

“I... I’m close..” Rosetta said, her face was beginning to flush and her fur was all wet from her own sweat and his. His body glistened and shined in the moonlight; his breathing changed as he began to speed up and tightened his grip slightly.

“M-Me to… Do you want me to pull out?” Demitri grunted in between thrusts, he was trying to keep it all in. Rosetta held her body still against his as she rested her head on his. In the heat of the moment she replied.

“No...” Rosetta said and then silenced him with a kiss as they both climaxed at the same time. They both breathed and whined into each other’s mouth and kiss. Then Demitri fell onto his back with her still in his arms and didn’t let her go. They rested their for awhile, breathing hard in each other’s sweat, until Demitri sat back up.

“I’m sorry... but I have to go… I need to get back to the water; I’m starting to feel a little dry.” Demitri said with a frown. “I don’t want to leave.”

“Then don’t… Maaaybe we can spend the night with each other in the bathtub? It’s really big... Just make sure I don’t drown okay?” Rosetta proposed.

“Well if it’s big enough for the both of us then …yeah... sure.” Demitri said as his muscular frame loomed over the tomboy. He then lifted her up and kissed her again. “I’ll carry you.” He then made his way with her in his arms to the bathroom and set her in her bathtub. It was in the shape of a square. “You weren’t kidding; you could have three to four people in here.” Demitri said and then chuckled.

“I told you it was big… Now get in.” Rosetta ordered. He positioned himself in the tub so she could her head on his chest and cuddle with him in the warm water. They then spent the night in the tub together; it was the last day that Demitri was alive. In the morning he caught a Taxi to the beach, but he didn’t make it. The Taxi got in the middle of an eight car pileup.

--- Present day---

“I haven’t forgotten that night. It was beautiful, amazing… I could tell he loved me, he might have been the one.” Rosetta said and then started to rub her stomach that now had a small bulge. “And I won’t be forgetting it soon.” She then started to tear up and cry. “I... miss him... Why does he have to be dead?! Why?!”

“Oh please don’t cry! I didn’t mean to hurt you!” Xavier said as he and Carol sat neck to her and hugged her.

“He... He would have been happy... He would be here and help me through this... He never had family and then…” Rosetta was freaking out and couldn’t stop crying, for three straight hours Xavier and Carol helped her try to heal her fresh wounds. Then it was time for them to go to their father’s house for dinner. Carol and Rosetta got ready and Xavier left. They drove to their father’s house which was across town.

He lived in a house in the suburbs with a big yard and a beautiful wife. After they had all settled in and started eating pasta with mashed potatoes, the mood had been set for Carol and Rosetta to tell their parents about the news.

“Ok so… I have to tell you both something... and it’s really hard to say.” Rosetta started to say. “I’ve known for a couple of months now.”

“Oh just say it, Rosetta your so dramatic.” Her father said. Rosetta sighed and then closed her eyes and relaxed.

“I’m Pregnant.” She calmly blurted out. Her mother dropped her glass of wine and split it all over the antique rug under the long mahogany table. Her Father stopped eating and stared at her, his eyes burning through her body.

“Oh Rosy!!! I’m so happy for you!” Their mother blurted out, still oblivious to the fact that she ruined the carpet.

“So... who’s the Father?” Her dad asked coldly. “We’ve never heard or seen a man.”

“Well that’s the thing... He died in a car crash, and he didn’t have any family...” Rosetta informed her parents. Her mother started to frown and sat back with her hands over her mouth.

“But... That’s not the real problem. He… He… wasn’t another mouse… He was an Orca.” She said looking her Dad in the face. He formed a huge frown on his face and took his glasses off and then slammed his hands on the table.

“You’re telling me, that I raised you, paid for your college, just so you can fuck some Orca like a fucking WHORE!?! You’re going to BURN IN HELL FOR YOUR MISTAKES GIRL!!” He began to yell.

“Honey!!” Their mother stared at her husband with disbelief in her eyes.

“Dad!!” Carol yelled with anger in her voice.

“You’re dead to me...” He said to Rosetta. Rosetta looked down at the floor unable to look him in the eye, she was full of shame. Carol shot straight up and pushed her chair back and pointed at her father.

“You’re dead to me! This is why I moved in with her, because I knew you’d react like this.

I’m going to help her and I don’t care how pissed off you get old man. It’s a new time, a new age. You’re too stuck on yourself to know that. We disown you, asshole!” Carol yelled at her father.

“You too? When did I go wrong? I’m sorry I failed you as a Father... I wanted you to grow into respectable young women… and I clearly see I failed at that.” He said looking down at his plate; he then got up and slowly walked into the kitchen. “I won’t be talking to you after tonight, leave when you’re done talking with your mother.”

“Oh that’s fine, we’ll leave now. I’m sorry you won’t be involved in your grand child’s life!” Rosetta calmly said as she started to tear up. She got up and left the house, Carol close behind.

---One Month Later---

Rosetta got up and felt so dry and thirsty; she looked at the clock and saw it was two in the morning. She walked into the bathroom and started to take a shower, a nice cold shower in which she sat down and let the water rush over here so she could absorb it. It had been a month that she spoke to her Father, her mother, Wendi. Had been over a couple of times and gave motherly advice and helped eased Rosetta’s tensions about her upcoming child. She also has had her first peak as to what it’s going to look like.

There wasn’t going to be gills so it was going to be able to survive out of water, which was what her main concern. She was going to find out the gender tomorrow Wendi was going to go with her because Carol was going to be busy with college. She then started to think why she needed to be in water all of a sudden, it must be a side effect from the pregnancy, maybe her body needed to be more moister now. She thought that she needed to pick up on her reading of Orca pregnancies so that she could have a better idea as to what was happening to her.

So after she was done with her shower she went and drank three glasses of cold Ice water from the tap. She began to wonder what the next eight months were going to be like if this is the start. Then all of a sudden she got incredibly dizzy and spun around so she could throw up in the sink. All of a sudden she felt the need to eat fish. It didn’t matter what kind, Just fish… which was strange because she hated fish.

“Carol keeps fish sticks in the freezer…” Rosetta said to herself and gets the fish sticks out of the freezer and started to cook them. She licked her lips in anticipation and didn’t even wait for them to be fully cooked. She remembered the diet of a pregnant Orca; it begins early in the pregnancy where they continuously have the need to eat fish more. After she was done eating she walked off to bed and tried to get back to sleep. She was awakened five hours later by her Mother Wendi, She told her about her night. In which, Wendi became worried even though she was a mother of two she was unfamiliar with cross species pregnancies.

“I’m sorry honey; this must be so hard for you. But just imagine what it’s going be like when you give birth. When you can hold it and see it, it’ll be worth it in the end... I promise you.” Wendi assured her daughter. Rosetta smiled and then finished getting ready for her doctor’s appointment.

“Thanks Mom.” She simply stated.

“So what are you hoping for? Girl or Boy?” Wendi asked excitedly.

“I’ll love it no matter what it is.” Rosetta said. They both left for the Doctors with a book each to read in the waiting room.

“Oh look...This says Baby Orca’s in the womb love to hear singing; it will help with their social development in their early childhood!” Wendi pointed out. Rosetta shook her head and laughed.

“I don’t believe that, it’s just ridiculous.” She said.

“Oh? And why not! I played music for you and your Sister. Pop and Rock. Why do you think you both have the same taste in music?” Wendi said. Rosetta rolled her eyes and giggled.

“I’ll TRY it a couple of times... How are you and Dad?” Rosetta asked trying to change the subject.

“Well…. not so good I’m thinking of divorcing him. I just don’t think I can stand him breaking this family apart anymore.” Wendi told her Daughter. Rosetta’s eyes widened and then she frowned.

“No! It’s not, it’s not your fault your father is the way he is. You fell in love with somebody, you did nothing wrong. Let me tell you, you have never disappointed me and I think you are strong independent women. I could never be a single Mother.” Wendi explained to her daughter. Then the Doctor walked in and called them to her office.

“So… today’s the day, ready to find out the gender of your baby?” Doctor Cruise asked Rosetta as she began to give her an ultrasound and Rosetta held her Mother’s hand.

“Yes. The suspense is killing me.” Rosetta said with a smile. The Doctor slid it around trying to find the child, and then she finally did.

“Ok well... there’s a foot... A leg... some finger... annnd… it looks like he’s a Boy...” The Doctor said with a smile.

“A Boy?” Rosetta asked with a smile, the Doctor nodded and Wendi smiled and laughed.

“It’s about time; we have enough Females in the family!” Wendi joked. “You gotta start thinking of a name for him.”

“I already know...” Rosetta looked at her Mother. “Demitri...”

---Two Months Later---

Rosetta was now halfway through her pregnancy; things had been crazy the past two months. Carol hadn’t been able to help out as much as she wanted to and now their Father was trying to be more open minded to the whole situation. He had been over a couple of times and had apologized for what he said that night months ago. But everything was far from perfect. She was now visibly pregnant now and needed at least fourteen glasses of water a day. She had decided to have a home birth and her mother was training to handle the birthing process. Rosetta figured it would be best to birth her son in the water to honor his Orca heritage.

She was now at home with her friend Lisa, a pink haired cat with purple eyes. They were making a banquet of food for themselves. Lisa to, was also pregnant but she was four months along with her fiancé, another cat named Nathan. By now Rosetta had a whole freezer stocked of fish. Her cravings for it were becoming slowly more frequent.

“I just don’t know what to tell her, she’s been drinking more and more lately. It all started with her getting rid of the liquor because I can’t have any and I’m quitting it after I have Demitri Jr.” Rosetta explained to Lisa.

“Well you both’ve kept true to your pack so far right? She hasn’t brought any boys around at night! And she has been doing the dishes and helping get the baby’s room ready.” Lisa said and then took a bite out of a Fried fish Sandwich, Fish was part of a diet for a cat as well.

“Yeah, But she’s been slacking a lot lately. I don’t know but I think something is up she is spending more and more time away from home.” Rosetta said.

“If you’re that worried how about you check her face book or e-mail?” Lisa asked. Rosetta thought it was a good idea and went to go get the Laptop. She brought it back and went to the face book homepage; they had cookies enabled so Carol’s password was available. She went and logged in and checked out her messages. What she found terrified her, she had been going to parties a lot recently with this drug dealing Panther named “J-Box” and apparently the two were an Item. She had been getting drunk and passing out almost every night.

After expressing her concern with Lisa, Wendi, and her father Marlon. She got Carol to agree to meet her and their parents at Rosetta’s Coffee Shop “Foam on top.” They had all sat down and Carol walked in unaware of the situation.

“Hey, why are we all here?” Carol asked as she sat down.

“We are worried about you. I saw your grades and they’ve been slipping… you lied and said you were doing well!” Rosetta said, getting to the point.

“What..?” Carol said trying to play dumb. “Yes, ok… I have been slipping… It’s because of stress... I’ve been stressed about the baby and life... I didn’t want to worry you Sis.”

“We saw you on Face book!” Marlon told his Daughter. “You and that ‘J-box’ are drinking every night. Are you on Drugs?”

“W-what? NO!” Carol said. “Were just friends!”

“Carol, I don’t mind you dating someone who isn’t a Mouse now… but I do mind you dating a damn drug dealer... and stop lying! We saw the messages in your inbox.” Marlon said.

“How?” Carol asked getting pissed.

“Cookies were enabled. What’s happening to you? You’re not the same person you use to be, you’re different.” Rosetta said.

“Oh well god forbid if I try to have fun! Sorry if I do something that I like and nobody else agrees with! I thought you’d understand Rose, Seeing as how you got knocked up by a guy you just started seeing at the time!” Carol yelled out loud. Rosetta glared at her and then slapped her really hard in the face, Carol’s skin under her fur turned bright red and then she raised her arm to strike Rosetta and then Wendi grabbed her arm and jerked Carol back into another table.

“Don’t you dare hurt her!!?” Wendi yelled out loud with sadness in her tone.

“She fucking slapped me!!” Carol yelled.

“I think you should get help, I can smell alcohol on you Sis.” Rosetta said. “We care about you.”

“No! You don’t all you want to do is control me and make me do whatever you want me to do... I don’t need you; I don’t need any of you! All I need is Jay, He loves me.” Carol said as she started to walk away. Marlon got up and started to walk towards her.

“Have fun with your little Mutt Rose!” She said as she turned around and ran outside of the store. She jumped into a car across the street that Jay was in waiting for her in. They sped off with a high pitched screech. The last sentence Carol said made Rose very sad, she tried to tell herself that she didn’t mean it. The next following week she focused on getting all of Carol’s things out of the house and hired a professional maid to help her keep the house tidy.

Lisa and Wendi threw a Baby shower for Rosetta at Lisa’s and Rosetta got all the remaining baby stuff she needed for Demitri Jr. Xavier and Lisa went with Rosetta to her next doctors visit when she entered her final trimester at 10 months. By now Rosetta was as big as pregnant women could get. She hadn’t seen or hears from Carol since that day, she tried her face book but she had been blocked from seeing it and the password had been changed.

This visit she would learn what features her child would fur sure had. She didn’t care as long as he would look handsome and be healthy. She sat down in the on the table, Xavier and Lisa sat behind a curtain while she was being prepped by Doctor Cruise. Then it was time for the Ultrasound, Xavier and Lisa stood next to Rosetta as cruise searching around for the fetus.

“There he is… He has a steady heartbeat. Correct number of fingers, toes, he has a really long tail, it’s also thick. But it looks like it’ll be a mouse tail. He looks like he may have an Orca face.” Cruise said. “He’s healthy.”

“I’m so glad.” Rosetta said. Then Lisa’s water broke, Xavier quickly hurried both of them to the car and drove them to the hospital. Cruise said that she would finish up the paper work and fax it to Rosetta. Along the way Xavier called Nathan and he met them at the hospital. Lisa and Xavier waited in the waiting room for the news.

“Xavier.” Rosetta said, trying to get the reptiles attention.

“Yeah?” Xavier asked. Rosetta put her hand on his shoulder.

“I’m glad you came, you’ve done a lot for me these past months.” Rosetta said. “And I’m proud of you, for handling the situation well today.”

“Don’t need to thank me gurl, just bein’ a friend. I’m sure you’d do the same thing for me.” Xavier said. “I’m the one who introduced you to Demitri. He was my friend to, remember? I’ll do whatever I can to make sure his kid and you are alright.”

“Well in that case, I have a favor to ask you. Ever since Carol left, it’s gotten lonely at home and I’m afraid to be alone when the baby comes… I want someone there. I mean my Mom will be there, but she’s going to work for me taking care of the coffee shop. I need someone there when she’s not around and, I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. I want you to spend the night with me, just until the babies born.” Rosetta explained. Xavier blushed and was very surprised at the request.

“Me? Well, I don’t know… you sure you want to be in bed with a faggot?” Xavier said and then chuckled.

“Yes, I trust you.” Rosetta said. “I’ll help pay your rent at your apartment for the time your there.” She added.

“You don’t have to. You know how much money I make and I’ve been saving up my sick days. I’m sure the guys at the office won’t mind if I use them all up.” Xavier said. Then Nathan walked in, He was a gray tall Cat with brown eyes and black stripes all over his body. He was wearing a face mask and coat.

“She’s beautiful. I’m a father!!” He yelled and then started to laugh. “I’m a Dad… I’m a father.” He continued to say as Xavier and Rosetta got up and hugged him. They all laughed and celebrated, then followed him to see her in the nursery. She was a beautiful purple haired cat with fluffy hair.

“She’s so precious Nate. Where are your parents!? They should be here to see this!” Rosetta said and then she turned to see his face. His eyes were wide with pride and excitement. You could tell he was brimming with love and affection for his new daughter, Rosetta wished that Demitri was there, then she remembered the last time she saw him at the funeral. He looked sad in his coffin; Xavier then put a hand on Rosetta’s shoulder and pulled her in for a hug. It made her feel better, it helped her feel like she wasn’t alone, Xavier was there, and so were Mom, Dad, Lisa and Nate. They would all help her; she didn’t need Carol… or Demitri even though she really wanted him to be there. Not for her, but for his Son, He would have loved this moment to.

Every minute and every day she thought about him more and more as her stomach grew. But now she was becoming less sad and angry. Her wounds were slowly healing and when Xavier came to stay he made sure that she had fun all the time. She soon came to the realization that this is what Demitri would have wanted, for her to be happy and move on. So she did her best to do that and never forget about him. Then the day finally came, it was a month early and she had spent 48 hours in labor, her Mother, Father, Lisa, and Nathan came to her apartment to help in any way they could. Xavier had put her in the bathtub with the right temperature of water for her to give a natural birth. She yelled, screamed and cried as she had her contractions. They were long and painful, her Mother had to get into the tub with her to help her push and keep her strength.

Nathan and Marlon were use to it by now and the sight didn’t phase them, but Xavier on the other hand had fainted and thrown up a couple of times during the two days. Then she reached the moment, she felt it painfully pass through her and then heard him cry. She looked down to her furless baby. He had the body of a mouse, claws and all. His tail was very longer and thicker than a normal mouse’s tail by a little, on the very tip it was split into it but it was very, very tiny. His skinny was white and black and slightly rubbery but a lot. He had his father’s jaw and face, and had Orcan teeth. Then as she held it, crying in her arms. It opened its eyes. They were the same bright green as Demitri’s and at that moment. Rosetta knew the truth, He didn’t die after all, and he was living on through their son, her little bundle of joy.  

Bundle of Joy (critique requested)


This was an experimental piece I did a looong time ago, I focused more on the background and details like lighting, Sounds, taste, feeling... Etc.

and I am very pleased with the outcome.

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