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Auction (CLOSED) Sweet Monsterbun: Cosmic Brownie by DolciSprinkles

Auction (CLOSED) Sweet Monsterbun: Cosmic Brownie


I rarely get time to make Sweet Monsterbun adopts but I had this one in my drafts for a long time. Finally decided to clean them up and put them up for auction.

✦♡✦ Owner: xchocodollx ✦♡✦

I'm not sure when I'll have time to make more Sweet Monsterbun adopts. ;; w ;;

✦♡✦ Rules ✦♡✦
• Starting Bid: $25
• Minimum Increase: $2
Auction End: July 5th @ 9:00 PM MST

✦♡✦ How to Buy ✦♡✦
To bid, please reply to my comment below or the current highest bidder.
Payments will be completed through PayPal only!
If you win, you will have to send me a note with your paypal address so that I can send you the invoice. You will have 24 hours to send it. Once I send you the invoice, you will have 24 hours to send me the payment.

You're allowed to choose/change: name, gender and minor tweaks of the design.
• Please credit me for the design at least once.
• Winner will receive the mini ref of the character without the watermarks.
It's OK to resell, as long as you let me know first. Must be sold for a lower price than originally bought for, unless it comes with lots of extra art.

I will be posting this auction on other sites, so I will make sure to update current bids as soon as I can.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me and bid fairly~ ♥♥♥

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Sweet Monsterbun Info & Masterlist

Art & Image and Sweet Monsterbun species © Dolcisprinkles