Beautiful Draft Mare Prepping for a Show!!! by Dogsoul

Beautiful Draft Mare Prepping for a Show!!!


14 December 2013 at 17:17:10 MST

One of the coolest things I've drawn in recent weeks/months, this is for a trade with Blue Nire the Shire mare!!! The theme was tail/mane braiding. :) I love drawing size differences, so I had Butterscotch lending a helping hoof! Nire is SO PRETTY OMG. I adore big, beautiful Drafter mares!!! :D I had fun with this.


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    I guess I go to the extremes. I love the little ponies but all the way over on the other end I love the fat bottom girls

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      Me too. :D Though I tend to prefer stallions and geldings to mares...........

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        When it comes to stallions I prefer minis. Much bigger is too big and too wild

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          Too true!