[P] I think I'm funny by DogNoms

[P] I think I'm funny


1 February 2020 at 14:38:06 MST

A late posting of the last January Patreon reward

They requested art of their cats, one named Burger and the other named Reba
Silly sketches are always fun~

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    If they're like most cats--that cheese will soon no longer exist in the burger. XD

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      I'm not sure actually, I haven't yet met these two. But I do know that Reba is a total diva so that connection was absolutely perfect.
      Burger was recently adopted so my friend is still figuring out his personality I think

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        My sister's cat and my friends cat all like cheese--not just any kind of cheese, sliced cheese for some odd reason. chuckle

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          Oh gosh i bet that's fun while trying to make food lol
          My friend has cats that love bread like crazy to the point they had to not only get a breadbox but to secure it to stop them from getting into it. I'm lucky in that my boy isn't a fiend for food like that

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            You’re very lucky your cat’s not crazy like that! XD

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              As my first cat I've been blessed lol
              No hairballs, he only rarely ever gets sick, doesnt go outside the litterbox, doesnt knock things off surfaces all the time.
              He's just a needy mama's boy that follows me from room to room haha

              This is from last year but here he is: https://www.instagram.com/p/ByS-PhbJBU7/

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                D'awww, he's so cute! :D

                Hey, a cat that doesn't cause mischief is a good thing! XD