[P] Something's Missing by DogNoms

[P] Something's Missing


19 August 2019 at 16:47:06 MDT

Went on another animal crossing kick when given Pak to draw because I wanted to see what a mantid villager may look like, though it seems they are missing something important...

Patreon doodle for Kalliope

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    I’d want them in my town! :)

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      Me too!
      I need to get myself a switch first but I'm looking forward to the new AC game~

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        I still play New Leaf on the 3DS, at least 20 minutes every night before bed. :)

        I try to keep Antonio, my only original townsperson from when I started the game over 6 years ago—so I tell him NO every time he says he wants to move! XD

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          Oh wow that is one heck of a hold you got on him, I've tried to do similar before but then i miss a few days or something and one leaves anyway

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            The game does give you a little leeway, if they "reverse" on you and you tell them "no" but they say they'll leave anyways (or if you say "yes" and they decide to stay). If you visit their house the night before they move, you can usually get them to stay then......Isabelle will always tell you when you start a game that someone "is moving tomorrow" and urges you to say good-bye. So even if you can't play often, if you at least start it up, you'll know when people move in and out! XD

            I've also noticed, if you tell someone "no" and they say they'll stay--it'll be about 2 days before it generates the next person who'll say they're leaving. :) Sometimes, also the mailing list (you go to write a letter) will be ordered in that the top of the list is most likely to next tell you they're leaving. It is fun, though, to watch the credits (sit on the large tree's potter-bench) and you can see when your "current residents" moved in--exact day and time. :D