MerMay by DogNoms



22 May 2019 at 17:32:49 MDT

It's MerMay and seems like as good a time as any to introduce this spotty sea pancake of mine~
So many spots omg, need to give my hand a break haha


Design based on an Eagle Ray

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    It’s a very cool design! :)

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      Thanks so much!
      This one was fun to work on and figure out how the markings should look and flow with it all.

      The spots on these guys can vary wildly and sometimes be very intense. They are like fingerprints; unique to each ray

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        You’re most welcome! :D

        That is very cool! I went to the St. Louis Zoo last summer and got to “pet” a stingray. They’re really fascinating critters, even if they have funny looking faces. XD

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          Ooh lucky! I hope to be able to experience that some day~

          As for their faces, omg they are pretty wonky but the eagle ray is even weirder to me since it doesn't have the "typical ray style head" that automatically comes ot mind when thinking of rays. Certainly explains their name though haha (pic from a google search: )

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            It was very interesting. There was one tiny stingray that seemed to like being touched--it sped around the pool trying to get under everyone's hands! XD

            I remember the first time I saw a stingray face on the cover of a children's book and I was like........."they don't really look like that, do they???" chuckle That Eagle Ray does have a pretty weird look to it! :)

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              Hehe that definitely is a valid question when coming across them for the very first time
              Thank you so much for sharing with me, it made me smile :)

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                You’re very welcome! :)