LAST EGGS - Alexgoneloco by Dogmeat

LAST EGGS - Alexgoneloco


4 July 2014 at 23:07:23 MDT

One of the last set of eggs for alexgoneloco! :> This one was a private sell and wasn't listed with the others.

I've been kinda sitting on this last set since ive been flopping around in the art motivation department, moreso on this one since i just needed shading! ;u; I hope you like dude, i was a bit liberal with the chameleon aspect, but its based off a horned chameleon. c: with little branch horns and small flowers~

if there's anything you'd like changed lemmie know!!

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    whaaaaat UGH such a cool lookin dude

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      thanks!! :> im glad the design is p well received haha

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    I love him so much! I really adore his little branch horns and the bulbs on his tail! The only thing I'll be changing is getting rid of the nipples as I don't like my lizard anthros to have nipples, but otherwise I adore this guy 100%

    Thank you so much for doing this for me! I've had a recent string of family crap and emergencies and this makes things a little better.

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      P.S. Can you send this to my collections please?

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        sent and noted! :>

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    Woah this one is radical O: