Otter Park by Doggywolf67

Otter Park
Shaun “Gnarl” McGrath WC3087

“What do you mean they’re stuck?” Dennis, or MoonDog as his fellow otters called him suddenly had a worried look.
“Well, Babes thought that if she went down the tube, she could knock him loose, but they never came out the bottom. I was waiting for them and all that came down was this.” Davey held up the top half of Babes swimsuit. The two started to laugh.
“What happened to the fire and rescue guys?” They started to look around.
“Well, this is not what I was expecting!” Babes was holding Mr. Tails head against her chest between her bosoms and hoping that he would not squirm too much. Her feet were against the inner-tube that had them both wedged in the second loop of the large water slide. Mr. Tails just started to chuckle at their predicament. Were his mouth not against her chest he would have told her how to get out of it.
He also was not sure that he wanted to be out of this. Babes, besides being well endowed was rather good looking. Mr. Tails was single after all and had no other place he would rather be. His arms had been trapped into the inner-tube when Davey had slipped the thing over his head and pushed him into the tube.

“You cut that out!” Jimmy, the third Otter life guard jumped into the large swimming pool with the shark fins sticking out of the water. From under water he pointed at the edge of the pool. The two shark boys knew that they were in trouble and did not want to get kicked out. They swam over to the edge and climbing up sat on the edge of the pool. They had heard the sounds of all the humans screaming but pretended to have no idea what it was about. Jimmy swam straight up and intended to jump out of the water and land on his feet. Unfortunately for him someone had left a float right where he was supposed to land and he ended up sliding across the walk area and onto the lap of a large human female. Instead of getting upset she quickly put her arms around him and would not let him go.
“I just love Cute things, and your so cute!” She pulled him closer and almost crushed him like a plushy. Jimmy noted that the towel he has slipped on matched the one this large human had under her head. He was sure he had seen her there before.
Tina the head of the Human life guards saw what had happened and came over quickly to try and rescue Jimmy. Tina preferred the blue striped one piece that had been provided by the park over the bikinis that were optional. She walked up and started to yell at Jimmy.
“Jimmy, you know that you’re not allowed to play with the guests.” She grabbed him by the arm.
“I am so sorry miss for any inconvenience. May I get you another drink?” She winked at Jimmy as she pulled him to his feet. Jimmy shook his head as this was not the first time it had happened. At least she had not tried to pet him like a house cat. He returned to the side of the pool and the two shark anthros sitting there snickering.
At the front entrance to the park, Mark Davis, a specialist in corporate advertising stood waiting for someone to come and show him the park. After waiting for almost half an hour he paid the small admission fee and went in. He was able to rent a pair of swim-trunks and after using the shower, Mark headed out to check out all the slides and the many different pools. Mark noted that several of the life guards were wearing some sort of camera on their heads and thought how great the footage would be to make a commercial. He noted that there was an elevator that actually went to the top of the large slides. He was impressed by the various life guards both anthro and human.
Deciding to go down the first slide, Mark’s heart was in his throat as it seemed to drop him 50 feet almost straight down and into a loop, then it spun to the right, then to the left and finally he shot out into a large open pool. It was the best thing he had experienced since he was a kid. He tried to not smile too much as he went back to ride it again.

Tina noticed a couple of large human males and two larger tiger anthros who looked a bit out of place. They were wearing the helmets of Fire and Rescue but seemed rather young. They seemed to be having a lot of fun and riding many of the slides. It seemed as though they have forgotten all their worries and were smiling and playing like children. This was the one place in the entire sea-side community, where anthros and humans would forget that they were anything but having fun.

In the middle of the park was a large fountain pool. It had a set of fountains in the middle that shot out water at different angles and heights. The closer one got to the middle the deeper the pool was. Several times a day Tom the poor maintenance man and his assistant Tim, a young beaver with a fascination for aquatic engineering, would be called to the fountain. Either they would have to extract someone’s bathing suit, or more often fur balls from the fountain pumps. The two gave up the idea of wearing normal clothes and had taken to wearing wet suits. Tim had no problem with the water but Tom was a human and had to carry around several tanks of air to breath. Tim would often jump in and check things out before calling Tom to help. At the inland end of the park was a large shallow pool that was surrounded by a bar and sunbathing area. While most of the Anthros had no issues with swim suits being optional, the humans were not supposed to take them off. The signs on all sides of this area had, in large red letters, “Swim suits must be worn at all times in public!” However, this was the hardest rule for them enforce. For this reason, no-one under 18 was allowed into the area. They had also started to enforce a 4-drink limit at the bar. Many humans could not tell the difference between some male and females of the anthros. It was just a matter of biology. Humans were often easy to tell apart but even they were not always obvious.

“The girl in the office called the fire dept. They should have been here by now.” Babes tried to shift her weight as her feet were starting to get tired. This resulted in her slipping on the rubber surface of the inner-tube and sliding father down. She was now sitting on the inner-tube and staring straight into the eyes of Mr. Tails, a rather handsome Mountain lion. Her legs had wrapped around him and she pulled him closer to keep her chest from being exposed.
“I hope this won’t affect the advertising campaign. This place really is fun!” She smiled a nervous smile.
“I am sure that it will have no effect on your commercials; but as I have been trying to tell you, I am not from the advertising company! I am the Park safety inspector.” He smiled at her and really wished that his hands were free but was glad that they were not.
“You’re not… you’re the inspector? But I thought you were not supposed to come until next week. Wasn’t it supposed to be on the seventh?” She suddenly had a strange look.
“My dear, today is the seventh!”

“MoonDog! I think I saw the fire fighters over by the middle set of slides. They were talking to the Vixens and surrounded by a bunch of teenage girls.” Davey was trying to help him get this sorted out.
“Thanks, I will head over there now.” MoonDog headed to the south side of the park. The park had four main sections. The lower slides that were meant for children and youths. The middle set of slides that seemed to be the hangout area for teenagers and for some reason most of the fox anthros. Last were the tall slides that were intended for only the bravest of souls. The fourth section was divided into three parts. A wading pool for children which had a relaxing Jacuzzi area for moms and an area for adults as well as a separate area just for teenagers. The hangout or “The shack” as it was properly named had a stand that served munchies, lunch food and soft drinks. It was surrounded by tables and seating areas. MoonDog walked through the gate near the shack and found the fire-fighters flirting with several teenage girls both anthro and human. He approached and cleared his throat at them. That was when he realized that the fire and rescue people were still teenagers themselves.
“Ahem! Aren’t you supposed to be trying to rescue the guy stuck in the mega-slide?” He crossed his arms and started tapping his foot. It was obvious that the summer interns from fire and rescue had volunteered for this job.

“Yea, that’s right. I knew we came here for something.” The largest of the tigers put his helmet back on and sighed heavily. He waved for the others to follow and then headed for the elevator.
“I think if one of us slides down the tube, we can knock them free!” The large male jumped into the tube before Davey could tell him that they had already tried that. Within seconds the large male found himself wedged in beside a female Otter with another guy stuck in the middle.
“I guess that didn’t work!” He took his free hand and reached up to the waterproof headset he was wearing.
“Guys, that didn’t work! I seem to be stuck as well.” He grinned at the laughter that came into his ear from the headset.
“Great so now we have one guest, a life guard and a firefighter stuck in the tube.”

Jimmy was sitting in the life guard seat at the second pool when he again saw the fin of a shark skimming the surface. As he stood up then noted that the two shark anthros were sitting at a table having a soda. He looked again at the fin and sighed. He then jumped into the pool and when he swam under the person, he looked up at the human with the fin strapped on his back and motioned him out of the pool. He stood on the side of the pool for nearly 5 minutes lecturing the young human about why it was against the rules to wear a shark fin. After he walked away the two shark anthros walked over to the human youth and struck up a conversation.
“Yo , man! So, you have a thing for fins, ehh? I got such sights to show you..."

Tina found herself lecturing a pair of vixens about the rules regarding why they had to keep the swim suits on. This time it was not even in the adult section but rather in the seating area around the Shack. She held up a towel to cover them while they put the suits back on and kept looking over her shoulder at the teenage boys who were pretending not to look. The life guards were starting to get used to this sort of thing. It seemed like just another day in Otter Park.
After a couple of hours of having fun and making a few new friends, the Advertising executive finally walked over to one of the Otters who was wearing a camera on his head.
“What’s the camera for?” He asked.
“We were hoping to make a commercial for the park, but the Advertising guy got stuck in the slide tube.” The Otter gave him a stare as this human’s shorts were all stretched out starting to fall off.
“But, no I didn’t! I am right here.” The human replied with a return stare.
“What do you mean?” The life guard Otter was then joined by two others also wearing head cameras.

“I mean that I was sent over by the Advertising firm to check out the park and come up with ideas for an ad campaign.” He tilted his head at them.
“Then who is the guy stuck in the slide?” They all turned and looked up at the shoot for the Mega-slide.

“As much fun as this has been, I think it is time we got out of this tube now.”
The Mountain lion bared his claws and poked the inner-tube. A loud hissing sound was then followed by the sudden feeling of falling. Babes’ first reaction was to put her arms around the male in the now deflated rubber ring. After several swirls and a few almost embarrassing moments, the three figures splashed into the pool below. Babes did not want to let go of the male when they surfaced. Partly because her top was gone but also partly because she was afraid, he would leave and she would never see him again. Tina had seen the group shoot out of the tube and then saw Babes holding tight to the male, without her top. She ran over to them and with the towel in one hand jumped into the water. She swam over and gave Babes the towel but then noticed that the white wet towel was clinging just a little too close.
“Will I ever see you again? Uh, I mean will you give us another chance?” Babes looked up into those large amber eyes and almost dropped the towel.
“You didn’t fail. There are a few rules you need to enforce a little better but I find no reason to fail the park.” He sighed. She could see that he wanted to ask her out but it would have been a breach of protocol. Babes’ heart was beating fast as she could now see that he was very muscular and had a wonderful tail. She watched as he started to climb out of the pool.
“Wait!” She shouted and quickly swam over to the edge of the pool.
“Go out with me!” She meant it as a question but it sounded almost like a demand.
He turned and faced her directly. He knelt down at the edge of the pool and put his paw on the side of her face.
“I would love to! Sashimi alright?” He asked her.
“YEAH. I mean yes, that would be great. I get off work at 6 so I will meet you at the gate, alright?” She smiled and when she leaned against the side of the pool watching him walk away, was suddenly aware that she had lost the towel.

Jimmy was suddenly overcome by the feeling of being watched. He turned and saw the large human female from earlier but now there were four of the large creatures and they were all staring at him. He swallowed hard and hoped that Tina would return soon. He tried hard to ignore the way they all would blow kisses at him.
It was making him nervous what those females would do to him. He had visions of being cuddled to death. The females kept trying to get his attention without much luck. Then one of them tried to take her top off. It was at this point that Tina returned. She immediately began to scold the large human and told her that if she did not put it back on at once she would be banned from the park for the rest of the season.
In the second slide area, four of the Otter life guards and the advertising guy were sitting and watching the footage from the head cameras. They were all laughing and trying to pick the best footage.
“You know of course, that this sort of thing could bring people and anthros from all over the country. Have you ever thought about a live website?”
The Otters just gave him a confused stare.
“Not a good idea. Live cameras would be rated R for sure.” The larger Otter leaned back.
“We have to chase way too many bathing suits that have lost their owners.”
The middle sized one was shaking his head.
The smaller was pointing at something but not saying anything.
“And just what are all three of you doing here, and not at your stations?”
MoonDog was standing behind them with a towel over his shoulder and a bottle of sparkling water in his right hand.
“This is the Advertising guy! We were just showing him the pictures from the head cameras.” Arvin was always a quick thinker and pointed at the small screen on the little computer device.
“Wait, you’re the advertising guy? Then who was the guy stuck in the tube with Babes this morning?” He turned to look and see if Babes was around.
“She said that it was the Parking inspector or something.” The larger Otter shrugged his shoulders. MoonDogs’ eyes suddenly opened wide. He looked at his cell phone and gasped.
“Today is the seventh!” He almost dropped the bottle and was about to run when all three of the Otters yelled at once. “No running in the pool areas!” MoonDog turned and glared at the three smiling figures.

Otter Park


5 January 2019 at 15:30:25 MST

Slice of life, a day in the life of the Otter Park Water Park.

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