boxing sloth (sold) by doggubittsu

boxing sloth (sold)


6 November 2014 at 13:44:42 MST

now belongs to kittiara

here is a sloth with one dream. to be a boxer. their current streak is 0 wins 100 losses.

maybe they should go back to sleeping in trees.

would love to see this one go to a good home. comment below and claim, through paypal!

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    They may have more success with the Interkingdom Vegetation versus Mammal Circuit. Of course I heard those Heavy Weight Trees carry a lot of bark in those punches. n.n

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    "Cant win 'em all."

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    This is so cute!! SLOTHS<3

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    Gosh I love your style. Such a cute tuft of hair on that head!

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    oooooohmygosh i wish i could make him mine right now.
    this is adorable and i hope he goes to a good home

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    Ooooh I LOVE THEM. HHrrrmmmmmmm.

    You are great with these designs and that EXPRESSION...d'aw.

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    hi yes I would like to buy them!! I can send payment via Paypal any time! :>

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    oh my god i love this

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    What a cutie!

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    I like your character design sales. Most artists just use a generic base animal with different colors, but you give it a very unique design with a personality.