what to do with you by doggables

what to do with you


14 March 2018 at 00:12:57 MDT

I wonder if the foreboding tone here communicates? This is pretty over the top... I'm always making things like this for myself, so I don't expect them to 'read' to others'. I'm afraid all my stuff is so insular. but this horrible mew, in the past, had made a habit of casually killing anything that came into her forest... not out of territory or anything malicious. She sort of has no grasp on what life is, the value of it, or that other Pokemon are 'people' like herself... she liked seeing animals panic, run, try to flee, and fail. She saw it like a game.... an interest. Without understanding the real weight of it.

It's been years since anyone came to her forest, since her notorious terrifying behavior became known. Everybody knows to stay away... but this little Pikachu, a social outcast, was never warned by his peers to stay away from the forest. He speaks to her so casually!!

She hasn't seen another Pokemon in so long. She considers what to do with this one. But... it would be a waste to just destroy again. This is the only company she's seen in years.

She allows something different this time, enjoying the sound of a rapid little heartbeat and the heave of his chest. It's nice to listen to something else living.

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