Glasgow Trip - Sketch Page by Dodge_Fennec

Glasgow Trip - Sketch Page


22 September 2015 at 15:19:31 MDT

A follow up to this WIP picture of my recent trip to Scotland with Egger and BeAy (Battle Angel).
I got myself some new Letraset Promarkers to replace the Steadtler felt tip pens I've used for a number of years and decided to try them out with a few sketches based upon our trip to see BeAy in Glasgow ^^

We went to a massive graveyard called the Necropolis, Drank Irn Bru, ate Tea Cakes (Americans, I am advised on good authority that if you imagine a Mallomar (is that spelt right), that is pretty much the same thing), and did a whole manner of other stuff ... including being told that there was no carrot cake left when we stopped for tea ... this muchly upset the Angel Bunny ...

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    It's a lovely recap of the entire trip in fennecy detail. hugs

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    Mallomars are like, a sort of soft graham cracker with marshmallow on top then the whole thing is coated in chocolate. Another similar thing is a moon pie, but that's got more layers of graham to it and also comes in banana and vanilla flavor (but it's way easier to find in the South, whereas I've never seen a Mallomar in my whole life except for at import stores). -the more you know (at least about the specifics of british vs. american confections)-

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      Pretty much the same, its just dark chocolate, and instead of graham cracker, its a biscuit (cookie) base.