Chipmunk Birthday Picnic by Dodge_Fennec

Chipmunk Birthday Picnic


12 July 2015 at 04:15:06 MDT

--Originally uploaded to FurAffinity June 2014--

I've waited a while to upload this one as I wanted to make sure that the original got safely to its destination (no thanks to US customs/postal service).

But for the very sweet and cutie chipmunk Egger I wanted to do something special for his birthday, so I decided to invite him for a picnic in my Animal Crossing, New Leaf Village with me and my mate Wolfoxx. I even put up a special chipmunk wire between two cherry trees so he could amuse himself while we set everything up.

His Birthday was a while ago now, but I hope he enjoyed the day thoroughly ^^

I'm really quite pleased with how this came out. I wanted to try out a new colouring technique using colour pencils instead of inks for the background and I think it worked okay. Only the characters and the foreground items get an inked outline, the rest were done straight onto the page with the colouring pencils using a lightboard to trace the image I'd drawn.

I know the cherries aren't uniform in size, which might be the only thing that bothers me about this picture.

Egger is © Egger Egger
Alek is © wolfoxx wolfoxx
Dodge is © me Dodge_Fennec Dodge_Fennec
Animal Crossing designs are © Nintendo

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