Male dragon ppoont by Doarc (critique requested)

Male dragon ppoont (critique requested)


14 February 2013 at 16:09:07 MST

Submitting an old recent pic I did 2 weeks ago. I'll submit the greyscale version soon.

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    I noticed this was under "open for critique" so I thought I'd just offer something that came to mind immediately. The title says "male," however perhaps you might want to take another pass at the hips, they seem quite feminine? However, if that was your intent, to make a feminine form, then you did that fantastically. I really do like the texture and choice of colors for the shading, very effective. Using different colors for shading is something I still struggle with and you did it very well.

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      Oh! So that's why it looked odd to me at first. I've been doing a lot of female gesture drawings at the I've done this, so I probably used the same techniques for it. I'll try to focus on the males now. Thanks for the critique! :D

      One thing that helped me with the colors was my memorization of the color wheel. I did this mainly as practice to know the complementary/opposite colors. Before doing it, I thought that mixing green and purple would look odd, but it looks surprisingly pleasant.

      here's some cool info by the way:\_tut.htm