TTA_Tooning Around by DNLtiger

TTA_Tooning Around


22 March 2014 at 08:50:55 MDT

A splash page of doodles of Addy being Addy and some fun wild takes. Here's some explanations:

1) While often getting pissed about being called a cat when he's a tiger, Addy is not about striping down to his birthday suit and acting like a domestic feline to avoid hunters.
2) Addy snoozing in some class at Acme Lu. Probably Foghorn. That guy can be so boring and talks too much.
3) Addy has always believed in the phrase "The Pen or Paintbrush is Mightier than the Sword". Of course, such a proverb can be understood when you can paint portals and backdrops to escape threats while they just slam into the ground or wall.
4)Addy being incredibly angry about something. Not sure what.
5)Addy going into lovey-dovey wild take. Probably saw some fine young thing pass him by or Julie Bruin.
6)Addy with the eye pop gag.
7)Addy with his jaw dropping. I got lazy and ran out of ideas for these last two sketches.

Please Enjoy.

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