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10 March 2014 at 18:18:53 MDT

An extension of the profile of Daiz Swanette. Rather than putting up a duplicate of her profile I'm just going to add her arsenal.
Arsenal: Mag-Chick Suit- This suit was designed by Daiz and Lucky. The suit is meant to protect Daiz during her missions. The suit itself is fire retardant, waterproof, electrical resistant, and bullet proof.
Mag-Chick Gloves-These gloves were enchanted to block spells and even blades. They are also possess an device allowing Daiz to stick to walls.
Mag-Chick Boots- Like Mag-Chick’s gloves, these boots have a similar device that allows Daiz to cling to walls and also allow her to stand on a vertical wall.
Mag-Chick Mask-This mask allows Daiz to see several different fields of vision and has such features as infrared and night vision. Daiz has also managed to cast a spell upon the mask enabling her to see the presence of residual magical residue.
Spell Book- This encyclopedic grimoire was discovered and now owned by Mag-Chick that has spells and incantations of every kind. Daiz has yet to learn and/or master all the spells and can only use a few of the basic spells currently.

If you haven't seen the previous Swannette Triplets pic, you can go to my gallery and find the profile. Please Enjoy.

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